By Shreya → Saturday, 6 May 2017
BOKARO is one of the city located in Jharkhand.It is also a administrative headquarters and most popular city.  It is a planned township in Jharkhand. It was the second planned township after Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. It was planned in such a way that even today, very few such towns exists in India. 

The company is the highest revenue generator of the entire economy of the city. It employs people from all over the country, who comes here and settle for the job. Its economy is also primarily dependent on integrated steel plant. It has a capacity of producing around 7.5 Metric Tonnes of steel was established by the help of Soviet Union, after the Independence. The steel is produced in the form of steel bars, steel panels, steel plates, steel wires, etc.The produced materials were to be transported to the destinations, was realized by the investors and they started investing in this sector. Trucks, freights, lorries, etc. are used for the transportation of goods via roadways. 
Products are also transported via cargo trains to the destination.Thus transportation also contributed a lot in the economic growth.DCBL, uses slag from the SAIL to produce cement and then transport it to the other parts of the nation.Here exports is also done at a very large scale.There are many Banks, Financial Establishments, Hospitals, Schools, etc. which are dedicated to the employees of SAIL and to the general public as well. With the establishment and management so big, the city and company attracts people from every part of the country. The city is hence very diverse and multiethnic. People from almost every part of India live here.There are many up coming plants in this city which will increase the its level in the future years.

Birsa Munda Airport is the nearest airport to the city which is about 84 km away. You can hire car, taxi or bus to reach here. Flights take you to your desired destination with the frequent services. Domestic flights connect this airport to various different destinations. This airport is well maintained and provides best possible amenities to the passengers. Dhanbad Airport and Burnpur Airport are also situated near the city.

Bokaro railway station is the convenient way to reach the city or move to another city. You can get many trains as these are frequent and connect with various cities and states.It connects places like Ooty Goa etc.

NH 23 passes from Bokaro, which connects it directly or indirectly to every major citiy of the region. The bus services for passengers and trucks and freight services for goods and services are available all the time. 
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