By Shreya → Saturday, 6 May 2017
Bhiwandi is located in the state of thane with a total population of about 598,703. Bhiwandi city, the headquarters of the taluka of Bhiwandi, comes under the administration of the Bhiwandi-Nizampur City Municipal Corporation. The city is not a part of the Greater Mumbai metropolitan agglomeration.

The economy of Bhiwandi Nizampur is mostly dependent on the power loom industry. The decline of Mumbai’s textile mills spurred the growth of the power loom sector. In order to meet the demand for grey fabric, power loom centers sprang up in various parts of the State. Textile and migrant workers especially from Uttar pradesh  and Bihari migrant labours came in droves to find work at these centers. Bhiwandi Nizampur became the 2nd largest power loom centre in the country after Surat city powerloom. The bloom of cloth oil and looms still attract the worker from different states to come and find a suitable jobs.many pharma companies godowns are also located in this place.

The Bhiwandi Nizampur Road Station (code BIRD) lies on the Vasai-Diwa corridor, between the western line and central line. An passanger train Which is run by a Diesle service runs from Diwa to Vasai only four times in a day. Many mail trains make a stop here.

Bhiwandi Nizampur is well connected with the rest of the country because of the Mumbai-Agra Highway (National Highway-3), which passes through it. The highway is one the most important in the country and as a result there is a heavy flow of traffic through Bhiwandi Nizampur, consisting of passenger cars as well as the 18-wheel giant tractor trailers.The Thane Municipal Transport operates bus services from Bhiwandi Narpoli to Thane, and the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Transport operates bus services from Bhiwandi Gopal Nagar to Kalyan, every 20 minutes. Auto-rickshaws too, run from Bhiwandi to Thane and Kalyan. Jeeps ply from Bhiwandi to the nearby town of Padgha,Omnis (Taxi) also runs beetween Kalyan to Bhiwandi.
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