By Shreya → Sunday, 7 May 2017

Handpulled rickshaw is still available in the city of Kolkata where in a person pulls 
the rickshawby hand. 
The Government of West Bengal proposed a ban on these rickshaws 
in 2005 describing them as "inhuman". 
Though a bill aiming to address this issue, termed as 'Calcutta Hackney Carriage Bill', 
was passed by the West Bengal Assembly in 2006, it has not been implemented yet.  
The Government of West Bengal is working on an amendment of this bill to avoid the
 loopholes that got exposed when the Hand pulled Rickshaw Owner's 
Association filed a petition against the bill.Being cheap to build-it takes as much or little as Rs 3000-6000 to build one-, run and maintain, it soon became a popular way of earning for those with extremely minimal resources. It is all but made of wood, iron and tin, weighing about a 100 kgs and physical human effort being the only fuel to power it.

A palanquin, also known as palki, derived its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Palanki' for a bed or couch. A palki was bigger in size and made of wood. There were doors on both sides. A long cylindrical pole was attached to it  and lengthways through the middle. A palki is carried by six or four men, known as Beharas, bearers of special caste or class who held the pole at both ends. Palanquin as a mode of transport began to decline from the mid-nineteenth century when steamer and rail communications started and general transportation began to improve. With the development of roads and highways and increasing use of animal carts and carriages the palanquin as a means of transport faced extinction. 
After this auto rickshaws were introduced. Palanquin is used today also in places like Vaishanavdevi.

It was  Bajaj auto limited, who started auto rickshaws in India. Petrol auto rickshaws produce a lot of pollution and thus health related diseases occurs. 
That's why Electric rickshaws has been introduced in India  and people prefer it more than other mode of transportation. 
To cater to the increasing population in the region, combined with pollution, the passenger rickshaw can be termed to be the best mode of transportation to be introduced.
There are two kinds of auto rickshaws used in India. Battery autorickshaws and simple ones in which one has to paddle then just like a bicycle.
Reasons for using them are:
•Traffic rush
•Less maintenance cost.(In case of bicycle ones almost zero cost)
•Less buying cost.
•Good for short distances
•More profit due to less maintenance cost.
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