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Solapur is one of the districts in the state of maharashtra.It is located on the south east edge of the state.It has many ancient historical places to visit.Barshi city is one the famous and well known city in solapur.Solapur is located on major road and rail routes between Mumbai and Hyderabad, with a branch line to the cities of Bijapur and Gadag in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. It is classified as a 2 Tier and B-2 class city by House Rent Allowance (HRA) classification by the Government of India. It is 49th-most-populous city in India and 43rd-largest urban agglomeration.
It has the large production of sugar .It has about 8% of total production in India and 17% in state.Due to the growing demand of cement ,many investments have been done in this sector.It is always a redeeming feature of the economy of Solapur that there has been a remarkable growth of industrialisation.It occupies an important place in the industrial sector all over maharashtra.
There are a number of medium and small scale and medium industries found in the district, and it is one of the prime centres of the handloom and powerloom industry, cotton mills and the beedi industry. Rapier Terry Towels is now also an emerging industry in Solapur. Solapur is well known for the bed sheets produced here, and has a reputation for the same. Textiles are an important aspect of the economy. As the epic growing part in industrial sector, "Sanghvi Towels" are known as the parents of Rapier industries. They introduced the city how to go with the flow of changing demands of the Terry Towels market, following it many business houses have changed to Rapier Industries and now Rapier Chaddar Looms have been also introduced to the weaving sector by Bomdyal Textiles. The city is home to Precision Camshafts Limited one of the largest manufacturers in camshafts in the world. In the agricultural field, the district has a well established market in oilseeds. The major crops grown in the district include jowar, wheat and sugarcane. 
Solapur Airport  is located to the south of Solapur city.The government is working towards its development.

Solapur railway station is the main railway hub within the city. The Solapur Railway Division is an important division connecting South India to Western & North west India. Trains from Ahmedabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc., ply to Southern states (Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala) via Solapur.

Solapur internal city transport is managed by SMT (Solapur Municipal Transport), SMC and other private cabs. Solapur is well connected by road with major cities of Maharashtra as well as the adjoining State Capital of Hyderabad and important cities in Karnataka by four National Highways – NH 9 highway connecting Pune with Vijaywada via Hyderabad, NH-13 connecting Solapur to Mangalore, Karnataka and NH-211 connecting Solapur to Dhule.
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