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Saharanpur lies in the northern most district of Uttar Pradesh.The states of Haryana,Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are its neighbouring states.It lies about 130 kms from Chandigarh and 170 kms from Delhi.The portion where Saharanpur is situated was the first region of upper India.The north and the north east part is surrounded by Shivalik hills which seperate it from Dehradun district.The important river of this district are
1) Yamuna
2) Solani
3) Hinton
It has a tropical climate due to its closeness to the Himalayan region.
It has a population of about 3,64,228.

Saharanpur is a flourishing business city and an important regional centre for the wholesale and retail trades, particularly in grain, timber, textiles, food and beverages. The trade can be divided into three categories:
  • Food – grains, vegetables and fruits. Milk and milk products.
  • Agro Based Industries – The most important are sugar, gur, (cotton) textiles and cigarettes.
  • Industrial Goods - paper, sugarcane, hosiery material and wood carving.
  • irrigation system consisting of canals and tubewells support a lot in the agricultural economy.
The timber market traditionally receives supplies from the northern hilly forest regions to support the local cottage woodcarving industry and other demands. The wooden handicrafts industry is the basis of livelihood for half of the population and source of recognition globally. Beautiful art and utilitarian woodwork objects are displayed and sold in the market from near Ambala Road up to Chilkana Road. In the last few decades, Pul DalMandi has become a popular area for daily requirements while the Punjabi Market and Kamboh Katehra market have experienced a high volume of textile trade. Hosiery has become a significant cottage industry, supplying goods to Ludhiana market, other nearby cities, and Uttarakhand's markets.Besides all this importing of coal,Iron-   ore,cement,salt,petroleum are also in great demand.
The nearest domestic airport is Jolly Grant airport which is about 2 hrs from Saharanpur.It is well connected to Delhi,Mumbai and Amritsar.It has both the national as well as the international flights.

It has its own railway station named as Saharanpur railway station which is connected to cities like Haridwar,Dehradun,Delhi etc.

There are many bus services available to Saharanpur from Lucknow,Agra,Delhi,Jaipur and vice-versa.The city is located on National Highway 73. The city is also a junction point of two state highways namely State Highway 57 (Delhi-Saharanpur-Yamnotri Highway) and State Highway 59 (Saharanpur-Muzaffarnagar). Both these state highways have been proposed to be four lane (from current two lane) and the work of converting to four lane is under construction.

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