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Uttar Pradesh is located in north of India.it is one of the most popular state.Lucknow is the capital of this state.It is surrounded by Rajasthan to its west,Hariyana,Himachal and Delhi to its northwest and Nepal to its north.The state has many historical,natural and religious destinations like Agra,Varanasi etc.It has a total are of 243,290 sq km.It shares an international boundary with Nepal.It has a extremely humid subtropical climate which is experienced all four seasons.it is divided into 75 districts.It has a large number of metropolitan cities.

Uttar-Pradesh has the third highest economy after Maharashtra and Tamilnadu.It has a total population of 4,44,95,063.Many small and large industries have been developed in the recent years.there are numerous types of minerals and industries dealing with them.Cottage industries such as handloom and handicrafts have traditionally provided livelihood to a large number of people in this state.These industries have become an important source of income in UP.It has two major production centers of leathers and its products.It is also well known for its brass work.It has a biggest exporterof sport related items and music instruments of the country.The services plays big role in the contribution of economic growth.It is the IT-hub of north India having a share of software exports.The state is divided into three natural regions
1)Bhabar and Terai
2)Plain of Ganga and Yamuna
3)Southern Plateau
It attracts both the national and international visitors across the world.
It has ample reserves f coal,gems etc.it is the largest producer of foodgrains in India.Its major foodgrains include rice,wheat,lentils etc.It is also the second largest producer of vegetables.It is well known for its milk production in India and contribute about 20.55% share in total milk production.The state also offers a wide range of subsidies,policy and fiscal incentives as well as assistance for business.It has also attracted foreign direct investment equity inflows.


The transport system also plays an important role in the economic growth.about 50% of the UP's population makes use of public transport system.

The main airport  is in Lucknow.It is very popular airport.It provides special facilities to Haj pilgrims.it has 3 departure and 2 arrival gates.Terminal 1 is used for international flights and terminal 2 is used for domestic flights.

It has the largest railway network in the country.It has 8,546km of rail in the state.
There are about 427 railway stations in the state of Uttar pradesh.Few of them are Anand Nagar,Andevnagar,Babatpur etc.

This state is connected to its nine neighbouring states.
Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation had a fleet of 4253 buses which were operating on 1123 routes.At the end of 2001-02 the Corporation had 6105 buses.In the five-year plan 5274 buses were inducted and 4818 buses were removed from fleet. At the end of 2006-07 the Corporation had 6561 buses apart from 784 hired buses operated under its control.

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