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Nagpur lies in central India.It is surrounded by Bhandara district on the east,Chandrapur district on the south-east and Amravati in the north-west.It is mainly didvided into 1 talukas.It has a total population of 4,653,171.Its population growth was 14.39% last year.Nagpur has been the main centre of commerce in the region of Vidarbha since its early days and is an important trading location. Although, Nagpur's economic importance gradually declined relative to Mumbai and Pune after the merging of Vidarbha into the Maharashtra because of a period of neglect by the state government, the city's economy later recovered. During the slowdown, state and central government offices were a major source of employment.

Nagpur has improved a lot in terms of development compared to last  few years.The Ambedkar airport project is considered one of the biggest economical developments projects in the country.It is one of the power centers of the state. Khaparkheda and Koradi thermal power station are the major stations near Nagpur.
The Hingna industrial estate on the western fringes of the city is made up of around 900 small and medium industrial units. The major ones among them are the tractor manufacturing plant of Mahindra and Mahindra, casting units of NECO Ltd. (the country's largest casting group), units of International Combustion, Bajaj Auto group, Candico (the second largest confectionery manufacturing plant in India), Bharat Containers making aluminium aerosol cans, Ajanta toothbrushes and Sanvijay Group (the largest steel rolling group of companies for long products in Central India).
Mining is considered as a major industry in Nagpur.Minerals here consists of manganese,coal,Iron ore,clay etc.The sand from Kanhan River is considered to be of a high quality which is used for the construction of huge buildings.
As it is located in the center of the country it is the natural logistics hub for the Indian Subcontinent for the movement of international and domestic cargo.It is also famous for its oranges.The state also has a large capacity to set up small industries of orange production which will help in the economic growth.These oranges have a large exportation business across many countries. Soyabean production is also increasing day by day.Various products like soyamilk,soya biscuit are having large demands in markets.Hence many soyabean industries establishments can contribute a lot in economic growth.Agriculture is also done here in large scale.Major crops here include wheat,Jowar,Paddy etc.Growing different types of flowers called as floriculture is also done on a large amount.

The DR Babasaheb Ambedkar Airport is one of the busiest and well-known airport in Nagpur.It is connected to most of the Indian cities.It has now started international services mainly to the gulf countries also.Nagpur airport became the first airport in the country to receive an ISO 27000 certificate. In fact, Nagpur is not only the first in India but also the first in world to be certified for Air navigation service provider(ANSP). There are seven airports in the world which have  ISO 27000, but none of them have it for ANSP.

Nagpur Junction is equally connected  with most of the major long distance trains passing through it.Almost 1.6 lakhpassengers board/leave Nagpur Railway Station Nagpur Railway station, one of the oldest and busiest Stations of Nagpur was inaugurated in its present from on Jan 15th 1925 by the then Governor Sir Frank. Apart from the main station, other railway stations in the city include Ajni, Itwari, Kalamna and Godhani. Nagpur-Ajni rail route which is just 3 km long, is the shortest train run in Indian Railwaysprimarily  meant for crew to travel from Nagpur station to the workshop at Ajni. 
The city is the Divisional Headquarters for the Central Railway and South East Central Railway Zone of Indian Railways.

The NH 6 running both north-south from Varanasi to Kanyakumari and NH 7 going east-west from Surat to Kolkata both passes through Nagpur.Its central location is connected to mainly major cities by bus services.Nagpur is at the junction of two Asian Highways namely AH43 Agra to Matara, Sri Lanka and AH46 connecting Kharagpur, India to Dhule, India.
The new state highway, Nagpur–Aurangabad–Mumbai express highway, built on the national highway basis is also sanctioned by the state and central government. This highway significantly reduces the distance travelled by NH 6 and NH 3 between two cities. Theis new proposed Mumbai Nagpur Expressway between Nagpur and Mumbai will be 800 km and projected to be cost ₹30,000 crore (US$4.5 billion).
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