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Kolkata port in located in the state of Karnataka about 233 km from the sea.It has two major docks one at Kolkata and the other at haldia.It consists of following:
   Kidderpore Docks
   Neetaji Subhas Dock
   Budge-Budge river Moorings.
The haldia dock consists of following:
    Impounded Dock System with 12 berths.
    3 oil jetties in river
    3 Barge Jetties in the river for handling oil carried by Barges.
It also has the largest dry dock facility in India which is especially used in the maintainance and repairing of ships.It also has various facilities like pilotage,lighthouse,light vessels etc.
The Kolkata port was initially conceived to promote  and to protect the British colonial interest.the city of Kolkata has a deep linkup with the port.it is considered as the gateway to Eastern Indian and is a major factor in the field of trade and commerce.it is a port of contrast and contradictions.
To one end of Kidderpore,it has the lowest draft and at other is Sandheads which is one of the deepest drafts.The main reason behind this success of port is the professionalism and commitment to perfectionism.It commands a vast hinterland that comprises almost half of the Indian states.It also has a combination of facilities with a lot of attractive packages.

The conservancy limit of Kolkata port stretches from the outfall of the feeder canal at Jangipur to Latitude 20'45 N. It has two approaches from the sea,one through Eastern channel and other through the western channel.Currently the eastern channel is mainly used for navigation purposes.The pilotage distance to Kolkata is 223 kms. Pilot station is situated  on Sagar island .The river port embarks on inward bound vessels at Middleton Point and proceeds upto the river.

To facilitate the pilotage of navigational aids following aids are available.
It is situated at middleton point on the Sagar island.Daraipur Lighthouse is situated on the banks of river Hugli.

There are five light vessels available:

Automatic tide gauges:
It is used for round the clock recording of tidal data which is used for the prediction of tide purposes and preparation of tide tables.

River marks and Buoys:

There are about 500 river marks some of which are lighted.they are mostly used in pilotage and dredging.There are also 90 buoys.

The Kolkata port has regular passengers services to Port Blair from the Netaji Subhas Docks.Small boats are used for recreational purposes.There are many upcoming places to start utilizing cannals running through the cities as water transport network.In the year 2013-14 it had handled 41.386 million metric tones of cargo.It was the highest among all the major ports.The average turn round time per vessel was 4.18 days for Kolkata Dock System  and 3.37 for Haldia Dock Complex.

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