By Shreya → Friday, 3 March 2017
JNPT commonly called as Nhava-sheva is located in Uran.It implements the logistics data tagging of containers where each container is attached a RFID tag and the containers are tagged via it. Today JNPT Port has already established itself as the major catalyst for the trade & commerce in the country with a strong commitment to provide seamless service to the customers & as the India’s prime facilitator of international trade & logistics.

It also has the cargo handling and vessel traffic system.It is one of the technical marvels which was constructed in a period of 3 and half years.Built at the cost of Rs. 880 crore, This port is named Jawaharlal Nehru port as a tribute to the first prime minister of India. The main purpose of this port is to release pressure on the Mumbai port.

It had its inception on May 26 1989.It has charted India's international trade to a glorious success  and achievements.Envisioned in a remote location about 10 km across the Bombay Harbour, JN Port rose up from paddy fields, salt-pans and marshlands, in a Herculean effort at construction – the first large-scale industrial development in independent India.
 The Port is as much a representation of what is best about India's capabilities, from project conceptualization to completion, as it is an example of human endeavor against all odds.
Though it was initially planned to be a satellite port to the mumbai port with the purpose of decongesting traffic at the latter,eventually it was developed as an independent port on its own right and it thus became the country's largest container port.

It was built with an investment of Rs 1,109 crores,out of which Rs 956.97 crores were obtained as loans from various agencies.It enjoys a very good road and rail linkages with its hinterland as well as important business centers like nashik,thane etc.
Equipped with one of the most modern cargo handling facilities JNPT has been a pioneer in running its day to day life with It including Ellectronic Data Exchange and Vessel Traffic Management system.

Its main vision is to become the premier container port of south Asia with international standards providing efficient and cost effective integrated logistics solution.

The port became the first port to implement logistics by tagging of containers,which will help the exporters and importers to track their goods in transit through logistics data bank service.This would provide visibility and transparency of the container by covering the entire way through rail or road.A sum of Rs 200 crore was invested in a dedicated freight corridor for easy transportation.However JNPT has pegged up with many connectivity problems and many drafts have been taken up.

The better road connectivity has already improved vessels pre-berthing and turn round time though we still lag behind world's most efficient terminals like Singapore .The turnover time has been reduced substantially to about 1.5 days.Vessel operations and clearance are being overcomed through cargo community.

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