Hugli-Kolkata Industrial Region located in West Bengal, this region extends as a narrow belt running along the river Hugli for a distance of about 100 km from Bansbaria and Naihati in the north to Birlanagar in the south. Industries have also developed in Midnapur district in the west. The river Hugli offered the best site for the development of an inland river port as nucleus for the development of Hugli industrial region.

Hugli-Kolkata Industrial Region
The old trading centre of late 17th century has developed into the present industrial hub of Kolkata. Thus Kolkata-Haora forms the nucleus of this region. It is very well- connected by the Ganga and its tributaries with the rich hinterland of Ganga-Brahmaputra plains. Besides navigable rivers, roads and the railways provided subsequent links to the great benefit of Kolkata port.

The discovery of coal and iron ore in Chotanagpur plateau, tea plantations in Assam and northern parts of West Bengal and the processing of deltaic Bengal’s jute led to the industrial development in this region. Cheap labour could be found easily from the thickly populated states of Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern part of U.P. Kolkata, having been designated capital city of the British India (1773-1912) attracted large scale British investment of capital.

Hugli-Kolkata Industrial Region jute
Establishment of first jute mill at Rishra in 1855 ushered in the era of modem industrial clustering in this region. A chain of jute mills and other factories could be established on either side of Hugli River with the help of Damodar valley coal. The port site was best-suited for export of raw materials to England and import of finished goods from that country.

Hugli-Kolkata Industrial Region
Kolkata’s industries have established by drawing in the raw materials from adjoining regions and distributing the finished goods to consuming points. Thus, the role of transport and communication network has been as important as the favourable locational factors in the growth of this region. By 1921, Kolkata-Hugli region was responsible for two-thirds of factory employment in India.

Paper, engineering, textile machinery, electrical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and petrochemical industries have also developed in this region. Factory of the Hindustan Motors Limited at Konanagar and diesel engine factory at Chittaranjan are landmarks of this region.

Hugli-Kolkata Industrial Region
Location of petroleum refinery at Haldia has facilitated the development of a variety of industries. The major centres of this industrial region are Kolkata, Haora, Haldia, Serampur, Rishra, Shibpur, Naihati, Kakinara, Shamnagar, Titagarh, Sodepur, Budge Budge, Birlanagar, Bansbaria, Belgurriah, Triveni, Hugli, Belur, etc.

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