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Guwahati is located in the north eastern state of Assam and lies on the banks of the Brahmaputra river.It has an altitude of 55 meters above sea level.It is divided into 2 parts i.e north and south.It has many rivers and tributaries.It is one of the fastest growing city in India.It consists of four assembly constituencies. It is the second largest metropolitan of the region after Kolkata.


This city acts as a major wholesale distribution center,retail hub and marketing center of the region.It is always well known for its trade and commerce,services and transportation. These services contribute a large share in the economic growth.The oil manufacturing is considered as an economic activity of this state.Petroleum refinery is also the most important manufacturing industry.The tourism activity is also one of the reason of economic growth.The tourism industry includes revenue generated by various river,temples etc.Being one of the important business hubs of the north-east ,retail chains also contribute to a large share.Guwahati is also known for its flourishing business.As any other cities of India, agriculture and related activities are the source of income for many people and is the biggest contributor to the economy of the city. The Bramhaputra river’s basin accumulated many minerals over the large period of time and hence the soil became ideal for the cultivation of crops. With the presence of the water in the river round the year and good amount of waterfall received by the city during the annual monsoon, the farmers face very little difficulty for the availability of water for the irrigation purposes. The government’s schemes of irrigation canals also safeguard the need of water for irrigation purposes in the worst-case scenario of drought. The crops harvested from the town areas or the remote locations are brought Guwahati for further business. The farmers sell their harvest either to the individual merchants, government traders, or directly to the marketplace.


Transportation is another major economic activity in this state.It connects the national highways with Assam and the other states of northeast which serves for the transportation services.
Lokpriya Gopinath Bordolio International Airport is around 20 km from the city.Flights to and from many cities are available besides some international flights to the cities of Bangkok and Paro.


Guwahati is the headquarters of the north east Frontier railway zone.Guwahati junction is a major station  which is well connected to major cities and smaller cities through a wide network of railway lines.


the National highway 31 connects the city to the rest of the country.Many bus services are provided to all parts of the state as well as other adjoining states.


The Brahmaputra river itself provides good water transport facilities.The terminal point is at Pandu which is used for transportation of cargo and commodities.
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