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Gujarat is a state which lies on the west of India.Its total area is about 196,02km.Gandhinagar is its capital.It has rajasthan to its north border,Maharashtra to its south border and Madhya-pradesh to its east.Mostly all the gujarati people belong to this state.It was very well known to the ancient greeks. The Sabarmati is the largest river here.It also has a Rann of Kutchh.

The State has accelerated its overall economic development during last 44 years and has witnessed structural change in economic development. The share of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors has been at 19.3%, 39.2% and 41.5% respectively of the total Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) which was at Rs. 83537 crore in 2001-02 at constant (1993-94) prices. The industrial sector has witnessed impressive development in small, medium and large and factory sectors. 
Mainly the agricultural produce includes cotton,groundnuts,dates,sugar etc.It records the highest agricultural growth rate of 10.97%.
This state has about 6% growth in the agricultural sector compared to 3% of rest of India
This state does about 78% of salt production.It also produces a large amount of soda etc.
As regards factory sector, there were 3911 registered factories in 1960 employing 3.46 lakh workers. The number of factories increased to 12,456 with corresponding employment of 6.35 lakhs in 1980; 16820 factories with corresponding employment of 7.47 lakhs in 1990 and 26454 factories employing 8.66 lakh workers in 2000. The registered factories have increased to 27089 employing 7.78 lakh workers in 2001. There has also been a trend of industrial dispersal in the State. The districts having more than 1000 factories in each include; Ahmedabad (4916); Vadodara (2062); Surat (19116), Rajkot (1784), Bharuch (1510), Mehsana (1391) and Valsad (1291).Gujarat is one of the state which has started private-sector investment.It also has a power station run by NPCIL that is located in Surat.
It invests in development of solar energy and has the largest production of solar energy.It also has the biggest area for ceramic business. Animal Husbandry also plays an important role in the rural economy.Gujarat is the largest producer of milk in India.

The results of Annual Survey of Industry for Gujarat State indicates that the fixed capital investment in factory sector has increased to 72088 crore in 2000-01 from Rs. 95 crore in 1960-61, the gross value of output has increased to Rs.127988 crore in 2000-01 from Rs. 365 crore in 1960-61, and the value added in factory sector has increased to Rs. 16868 crore in 2000-01 from Rs. 107 crore in 1960-61.
The ASI results indicate that Gujarat’s share in all India during 2000-01 was at 10.73 in factories, 16.26% in invested capital 13.81% in gross value of output and 11.74% in net value added.
Among Industry Sectors, Petroleum, Petrochemicals and Plastic Products account for 41.62% share in total Industrial output in the State. This is followed by Chemical & Chemical Products with 10.98%, Food Product with tobacco with 9.94%, Machinery with Electricals with 6.65% Synthetic, Fibre Textile with 6.49%. Basic Metal Industries with 6.17%, Cotton Textile with 6.08%, Non-Metallic Mineral Product with 3.07%, Paper Product and Printing with 2.17% Transport Equipment and parts with 1.76% and others. All these groups put together account for 95% of total industrial output in the State. 
Gujarat Tourism refers to the Tourism in Gujarat, the seventh largest state in India
, located in the western part of India with a coastline of 1600 km (longest in India). It is one of the most popular state in the country for tourists with annual footfall of 19.81 million tourists in 2010–11.

Gujarat has in all seventeen airports  both international as well as domestic.
Various ports are as follows:
1)Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International port.
2)Vadodara port
3)Bhavnagar port etc.

Here the Vadodara railway station is the biggest railway station in Gujarat and the fourth busiest railway station in India.The major important stations include Surat,Ahmadabad etc.

It has the longest sea coast in has the largest port called Kandla Port located here.

The bus facilities are provided by the Gujarat State Road Transportation Corporation.It provides the services within the state as well as outside the state.
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