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Delhi is the capital of India and the second most populated city in the country.  It is bordered on the east by Uttar Pradesh and by Haryana on the north,south and west.It is situated in north India at 28.61 N 77.23F.River Yamuna is the major river flow through the city.According to the population census of 2011,the population of Delhi is 16,787,941 and the number of females per 1000 males is 867.The literacy rate is 87.1%.
It is the largest metropolis and holds the second position according to the population.Earlier Delhi was having only one district later it divided into nine district.It has districts like north west Delhi,South East Delhi etc.It also has monuments like Red fort,India Gate,Qutub Minar etc.It is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly together.Central Delhi with its tree-lined avenues,imposing structures and buildings such as Rashrapati Bhavan ,Parliament House reflects delhi's colonial past.
A number of museums provide a glimpse into the country's fascinating history.

Delhi has taken a fast pace from few years with its GDP.As per the economic survey in the year between 2014-15 its GDP has increased upto 78% as compared from last 2 years.Growth of Delhi depends on many factors from which establishment of industries such as handloom,textile and arts and crafts gives a large market place.Agricultural sector is not much involved in the growth of GDP apart from presence of some agricultural land outside the boundaries of Delhi where some main crops grown including gram,Jowar,Wheat and Bajra. There are also profits earned from animal husbandry which supply optimum dairy products in and outside the city.
Government's industry policy's aim is to promote industries which help the industries to reach the maximum level of production.It also aims to recruit skilled and unskilled labours for the industries.
The city also has a large production of minerals and lack of raw materials which is the important component for making buildings,roads etc.Raw materials like stone,sand and bajra and china clays can be found in Delhi.Delhi is the major and capital city which is known for its trade and manufacturing.Delhi's trade route is spread between Punjab and Gangetic plains which make Delhi a major trade center.
As per the new Industrial policy for Delhi 2010-21 Government is keen on developing and promoting the hi-tech,sophisticated,knowledge-based IT and ITES industries in the state.For this the Government have set up many "Centres of Excellance" to promote innovation and entrepreneurship to the sectors.
The Union territory,the political administration of the NCT of Delhi today more resembles as a state of India,with its own Legislature,highcourt and council.Manufacturing also grews considerably  as consumer goods companies established manufacturing units and headquarters in the city.Delhi's large consumer market and availability of skilled labour has also attracted foreign investment.

By means of Air:
To the southwest of Delhi ,Indira Gandhi International Airport is situated.It can handle 37 million passengers annually.It is one of the busiest airport in South Asia.It is also the main Gateway for the city's domestic and international civilian air traffic.
By means of road:
Personal vehicles especially cars also provide a major traffic over the Delhi roads.buses are the most popular vehicle of transport.It has highest no of cars compared to other cities in India.Delhi has the highest road density of 2103km/100 km in India. Buses are operated by the state-owned Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), which owns largest fleet of  (CNG)-fueled buses in the world, private Blueline bus operators and several chartered bus operators. It is mandatory for all private bus operators to acquire a permit from the State Transport Authority. The buses traverse various well-defined intra-city routes. Other than regular routes, buses also travel on Railway Special routes; Metro Feeder routes. Mudrika (Ring) and Bahri Mudrika (Outer Ring) routes along Ring and Outer-Ring road respectively are amongst the longest intra-city bus routes in the world.

By means of railways:
Its is the headquarters of Indian Railway and is also one important junction in the network. There are mainly 5 railway stations ie New Delhi Railway station,Old Delhi,Sarai Rohilla,Anand Vihar railway terminal.After the upcoming of the metros the no of passengers travelling by railways have reduced.

By means of Metro:
The metro is a rapid tarnsit system which serves between many places like Noida, Faridabad,Gurgaon etc.It is considered as the worlds 10th largest metro system which provides fast and reliable transport system.

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