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Assam is located in northern India and is on the eastern Himalayas.It is well-known for its natural beauty,wildlife along with tea gardens .Many people say that Brahmaputra river is Assam's ancient river which is also the main lifeline of the city.It comprises of 32 administrative districts which are further divided into sub-divisions.Important cities here include Guwahati,Nagaon,Silchar etc.
It is also becoming an popular destination for wildlife tourism.
In Assam among all its productive sectors,agriculture makes the highest contribution.It is rich in minerals like clay,magnetic quartz,kaolin etc.It is also rich in natural resources such as petroleum,natural gas etc.Gas and petroleum reserves are found in northern part of the state.It also has a large production of tea.It also has a large production of sweet potato,turmeric,citrus fruits banana etc.Its tourism also plays an important role in the economic growth.It has tourists  every year in a large quantity.According to the 2011 census,Assam had a population of 31,169,272.This state has attracted a lot of investor-friendly policies to attract a large no of investors and improve the industrial development.Key focus areas include IT,tourism,power sector.About 300 types of medicinal herbs are found in the Brahmaputra valley.It enjoys a global monopoly in terms of silk production.It accounts for about 95%of muga silk.The GDP of Assam was US$ 30.72 billion in 2015-16 while the average annual GSDP growth rate was at 9% from 2004-05 to 2015-16.Assam faces a number of impediments to industrial growth due to its physical and political isolation from the mainland. The state is yet to develop good connectivity with neighbouring countries like Myanmar, China and Bangladesh.There are other industries such as jute mills, textile plants, yarn and silk mills that leverage the highly evolved traditional forms of occupation like weaving and cotton cultivation in Assam.

Guwahati offers a number of travel options for local as well as foreign visitors. One can enjoy here convenient and high quality air, train and road services for travelling across India.

It has the only international airport known as Lokpriya Gopinath Bordolio International Airport.Currently there are only seven airlines operating.There are about 14 international and 315 domestic flights departing every week from this airport. It connects flights to New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and other different parts of the country.

There are many railway stations in Assam among them are Guwahati railway station which is in Guwahati,Azara railways station etc.To reduce the traffic on the Guwahati junction, there is another railway station in the city at Maligaon is Kamakhya railway station.
The first railway train was flagged off from Silchar to Guwahati.

The bus service in the state as well as in the nearby state is managed by Assam State Transportation corporation.Assam has a total of 6,790 kilometres of highways.
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