VARANASI-Industrial Development Post Independence

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I am sure you all might be familiar with All India Famous Banarasi Pan and Banarasi Sarees . Locating at the banks of river Ganga , this holy city of Uttar Pradesh houses a population of about 1,201,815 people in the district . Such a huge population acts as a catalyst for fast growing Industrial sector with its good inter and intracity networks , thus providing a huge space for Industrial growth .                                        
 The huge population means that there  is a fair chance of setting up trade and commerce . And the same is happening with time . Lots of industries and trade have been set up post Independence in various sectors such as Information Technology , Household Goods Production , Manufacturing Industries , Small scale and Cottage Industries etc. with well connected transport services . These networks are good on both i.e. intercity and intracity grounds .


According to the 2006 City Development Plan for Varanasi, approximately 29% of Varanasi's population is employed . Approximately 40% are employed in manufacturing, 26% work in trade and commerce, 19% work in other services, 8% work in transport and communication, 4% work in agriculture, 2% work in construction, and 2% are marginal workers (working for less than half of the year).
Among manufacturing workers, 51% work in spinning and weaving, 15% work in metal, 6% work in printing and publishing, 5% work in electrical machinery, and the rest work in a wide variety of industry sectors.[73] Varanasi's manufacturing industry is not well developed and is dominated by small-scale industries and household production.
Silk weaving is the dominant industry in Varanasi . Muslims are the influential community in this industry with nearly half a million of them working as weavers, dyers, sari finishers, and salespersons . Weaving is typically done within the household , and most weavers are Momin Ansari Muslims . Varanasi is known throughout India for its production of very fine silk and Banarasi saris , brocades with gold and silver thread work , which are often used for weddings and special occasions . The production of silk often uses bonded child labour , though perhaps not at a higher rate than elsewhere in India . The silk weaving industry has recently been threatened by the rise of power looms and computer-generated designs and by competition from Chinese silk imports .
In the metal manufacturing sector, Diesel Locomotive Works is a major employer . Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited , a large power equipment manufacturer , also operates a heavy equipment maintenance plant . Other major commodities manufactured and traded in Varanasi include hand-knotted Mirzapur carpets , rugs , dhurries , brassware , copperware , wooden and clay toys , handicrafts , gold jewellery , and musical instruments . Important agricultural products include betel leaves (for paan) , langra mangoes and khoa (solidified milk).
Tourism is Varanasi's second most important industry . Over 3 million domestic and 200,000 foreign tourists visit annually (in 2005 and 2010, respectively) , most commonly for religious purposes . Most domestic tourists are from Bihar , West Bengal , Madhya Pradesh , and Uttar Pradesh , while the majority of foreign tourists are from Sri Lanka and Japan . The peak tourist season falls between October and March . In total , there are around 12,000 beds available in the city, of which about one half are in inexpensive budget hotels and one third in dharamsalas . Overall, Varanasi's tourist infrastructure is not well developed .
The prominent malls and multiplexes in Varanasi are JHV Mall in the Varanasi Cantonment area , IP Mall in Sigra , IP Vijaya Mall in Bhelupur , and PDR in Luxa . The city has several banks , including the Allahabad Bank , Andhra Bank , Bank of Baroda , Canara Bank , Central Bank of India , Corporation Bank , Indian Overseas Bank , and State Bank of India .Hence , it has grown as a hub for industries to flourish .


Strong intracity and intercity networks in Varanasi are the basis for smooth transport services .These are the norms on which smooth trade is based . Varanasi is well-connected by air , rail and road . One of the major factors in Varanasi's is its access to all parts of the country . Within the city mobility is provided by taxis , rickshaws , cycle rickshaws and three wheelers but with certain restrictions in the old town area of the city .
Varanasi is served by Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, which is approximately 26 km  from the city centre in Babatpur . The airport inaugurated a new terminal in 2010 , and it was granted international airport status on 4 October 2012 . Air India, Buddha Air, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect, IndiGo, and SpiceJet operate flights from Varanasi to Delhi, Gaya, Kathmandu, Khajuraho, Sharjah, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata . Over 330,000 passengers pass through the airport each year .

Varanasi Junction, commonly known as Varanasi Cant Railway Station, is the city's largest train station. More than 360,000 passengers and 240 trains pass through each day . Some of the important express trains operating from the Varanasi Junction railway station are: the Udhna Varanasi Express that runs between Udhna (Surat) junction and Varanasi, a distance of 1,398 kilometres , the Kashi Vishwanath Express that runs between Varanasi and New Delhi Railway Station,the Kanpur Varanasi InterCity express, also called Varuna express, which runs over a distance of 355 kilometres  and connects with Lucknow and Kanpur; and the Sabarmati Express which runs between Varanasi and Ahmedabad.
 Varanasi lies along National Highway 19 (old number: NH 2), which connects it to Kolkata, Kanpur, Agra, and Delhi . National Highway 28 connects Varanasi to the Nepal-India border. National Highway 31 connects Varanasi to Unnao .
Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are the most widely available forms of public transport in old city. In the outer regions of the city, buses are common, and taxis are available.Along with public transport .Along with public transport services ,many companies have been emerged to provide truck booking facilities for traders and industrialists . With growing digital world , now you can book these services online using various websites like GoodsOnMove which provide you a simple and easy booking service and saves your time , money and hassle!!
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