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By Unknown → Thursday, 9 February 2017
The transport sector in India, is an evergreen sector. Investments made into this sector are bound to reap profit in the longer run. The connectivity via other modes of transport like railways, airways or waterways are still limited to some places only and are not fully connected with every town and city in India. Roadways still has the largest connectivity of all. This made the trucks, tempos, lorries, freights, etc., the most important means to transport for goods and services across the nation, including the remote areas and the satellite towns of the cities. This in turn makes the sector of manufacturing of trucks to spread its wing and grow further.
There are several companies which are key players in the market of the truck manufacturing, and their manufacturing units produces verities of trucks and lorries for various purposes. It is to be noted here that for type of truck depends directly to the type of products or goods which will be delivered by it. I.e. different types of trucks and lorries are used to transport different types of goods and services across the places. Some of the biggest manufacturer of trucks of different kinds in the Indian truck manufacturing market are given below.

1.       Tata Motors
The Indian multinational truck manufacturing company, is the largest manufacturer and reputed company in India. Tata also acquired many truck manufacturing companies of the overseas, including Daewoo, the South Korean truck manufacturing company, which after acquisition makes trucks with the joint name of Tata-Daewoo. The assembly plants are located in Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad and Pune. Along with that Argentina, South Africa, Britain, and Spain also have Tata’s assembly plants for overseas needs of the company. Arguably, the company has the monopoly in the Indian truck manufacturing business. Being the oldest player the game and continuously making improvements in the products and services, made its reputation that it has today. 

Some commercial vehicles produced by Tata are:
Tata Super Ace
Tata Prima
Tata 709
Tata 809
Tata 1518
Tata 3015
The products of Tata are now ranging from mini tempo to heavy duty trucks. The trucks from Tata are sometimes modified by the company itself depending on the route. The mines or places with high altitude have high angle of elevation of the roads. For the vehicles running on those route the engine capacity should by huge enough the pull the truckload. Hence, the power of engine is increased for these routes.

2.       Ashok Leyland
Found right after the independence of the country, the company is the second largest truck manufacturer of India. Primarily manufacturing commercial vehicles, the company also manufactures automotive parts and engines for the marine vehicles. The company is growing rapidly and marking its presence not only in the field of trucks but also in manufacturing the buses, tempos, minivans, etc. Initially it was Ashok motors, but it came in collaboration with the British commercial vehicle manufacturing company Leyland in around 1954. The partnership ended but Leyland continued to assist with the technology. Nissan motors have joint venture with Ashok Leyland in India market for the production of commercial vehicles. Advancement in the technology also came with the collaboration of foreign ventures. Hythane Engines, CNG Engines, Hybrid Engines, all are the result of research and development with sevral foreign companies. In India, its manufacturing units are in Ennore, Hosur, Alwar, Bhandara, etc. 
ashok leyland

The company also manufactures truck for the Indian defence services for carrying either goods and services or the troops. Some products by Ashok Leyland are:
Taurus 2516/2
Bison Tipper
Ecomet 912/111i
1789 Digger

3.       Mahindra & Mahindra
One of the biggest competitors of Tata and Ashok Leyland in the commercial vehicle manufacturing market of India, Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the largest manufacturers of the vehicles of the country. It is also one of the largest tractor manufacturer of the world. Initially the company started its production by manufacturing Jeeps and other Light Commercial vehicles (LCVs) and tractors. Later on, the company realized the potential of the market of the trucks and multi utility vehicles (MUVs) and started their production lines to manufacture the trucks and lorries. The company also began the production of two wheelers and electric cars in the recent years. Passengers MUVs like Mahindra XUV500 is a great success by the company. In commercial vehicles, the main target of the company is the market of the Light commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles. With the large agricultural activity in the entire nation, the company has its somewhat monopoly in the tractors market. 

The company has assembly plants at Bangalore, Haridwar, Nasik, Chakan, Zaheerabad, etc. The jeeps used in the defence services and police services are made exclusively by the company.

4.       Eicher
The Indian commercial manufacturing company has a considerable line of builds in the Light commercial vehicles sector. It has collaborations with Volvo for the manufacture of commercial vehicles and has several hybrid products in its account.


5.       Swaraj Mazda
Formed with the collaboration of Indian and Japanese company Punjab Tractors and Sumitomo, Swaraj Mazda has concurrent technical collaborations with other Japanese companies like Isuzu and Mazda. It has expertise in the production of light commercial vehicles, small buses, ambulances, water tankers, etc. 
swaraj mazda

The company also exports the products to countries like Kenya, Syria, and Jordan.

These are some of the major and worth mentioning companies which collectively have 100% coverage of the presence of commercial vehicle in the roads of India. The trucks ranging from the capacity of 2 tonnes to 150 tonnes are available in the market for different purposes, and all are produced by the companies mentioned above.

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