Thiruvananthapuram - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 2 February 2017
Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is the economic, commercial and industrial hub of Kerala. The capital, has a great market potential and is developed according to the needs of present time in the recent years.


Initially, the city was known for its trade market for spices, sandalwood and ivory. The British loosely controlled the market but the major portions of the revenue goes to the rulers.
Post-Independence, the development increased its pace and is still accelerating. The major industries include tourism, IT & ITES, coffee plantation, rubber production, tea production, etc. There are many manufacturing industries and assembling units, but less number of factories as compared to some other districts of Kerala and neighboring states.
Since the natural environment of the city is favorable for the agriculture, people in general and companies are indulged in producing the raw materials here. The soil is good and can produce up to 2-3 crops a year.
It is called evergreen city of India, due to its natural beauty location and greenery. It has ideal temperature and ambience for agriculture and plantation.
The place is famous tourist destination, especially Padmanabhaswami Temple (richest temple in the world), Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Backwaters, etc. These tourist destinations are visited by tourists round the year, and generate good revenue for the tourist industry. The positive attitude of the government and proper advertisement, are the key factors to further grow this sector. The place is sometimes also called place for medical tourism, for the presence of Cancer Hospitals and research centers.
Coffee, Tea and Rubber plantation and production is one of the major source of revenue. As the environmental condition is favorable round the year and water for plantation is available is abundance, the plantations can reap the product 2-3 times a year. Many small-scale industries and independent medium level industries are indulged in the plantation and production.
Other than that, oil mills, cashew factories, cotton textiles, saw mills, printing units, chemical units, match factories, general engineering units, etc. are doing business and are in abundant in all scale. That being said, only processing units are actually established here and processed materials are then transported to the other parts of the country and the world, and not the heavy industries. The environment is well preserved by the government and keeping the city clean and green is encouraged among the citizen. This is the sole reason, that new heavy industries are not given permission to set-up new factories in the main town.
The city is the largest city in area in that region and hence the India Air Force have made a base there. It is obviously controlled by the Indian Armed Forces and is restricted area for civilians.
Since the Indian Space program came into existence in 1963, the place is selected as ware house and development ground for the missiles and rockets, that are launched via ISRO from Sriharikota.
The place is home to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, and Thumba Equatorial Launching station. Both are administered and established by Indian Space Research Organization. This place is sanctum sanctorum for the Aerospace sector in India.
The city is a hub for biotechnology. There is a separate biotechnology park, which homes many biotechnology companies, engaged in research and development. Biotechnology and microbiology is the special area of interest for the institutions like CSIR-RRL, SCTIMST, etc.
India’s first industrial park, exclusively for software and IT sector, is developed here. The Technopark in the city has accommodated many IT ventures, both big players and startups. With the passing time, as Technopark is becoming unable to accommodate the increasing number of companies, it is being expanded under the supervision of the Government of state, and named as Technocity. It will have larger accommodation for new companies, improved facilities, and futuristic services. Technopark have accommodated companies like Oracle, Infosys, TCS, HCL, Tata Elxis, Ernst & Young, etc. The city is ranked as best 2nd tier city in India, with IT and ITES infrastructure.
Spice production is also one of the major business of the city. Production of spices, processing and transportation to the national and international market is done from here. The quality of the spices is among the best in the world, and hence the demand is throughout the world and never out of season.
Sandalwood is also processed and produced here. It is then used for soap, scent and powder production. The products are costly and have thus very high market value and profit ratio.
There are 2 dams, Peppara and Avikkara which are the major source of water to the city. However, the expansion of the storage of the dams are in progress.
The city has National and State highways, which connects it to major areas in the neighborhood like Salem and Chennai.
The main railway station is the major junction of the Southern Railways. It also has an International airport and direct connectivity to major cities of India and abroad.
Since it is well connected, the transportation of the goods and services are not much of a worry. The truck and freight for the roadways, goods wagon for the railways and cargo shipment via the airways are practiced for the transportation of processed goods as well as of raw materials.
The city is thus well maintained for its green environment and at the same time developed to meet the requirement of the changing times. Developing the IT park, has great potential in future and can contribute to the economy. The infrastructure is changing as per needs and is very beneficial in the longer run. It will reap profit and generate employment and revenue for the state.

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