Raipur - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 9 February 2017
Raipur, is currently the capital of the state Chhattisgarh. As a capital city, it is the economic and business hub of the entire region. 


With the formation of the new state of Chhattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh in the year 2000, the city was selected to be made as the capital city by the administration and authorities, and as a capital it also is administrative capital of the state. 
It is the largest city of the state and hence, the hub for the business for the region. 
Recently, Naya Raipur literally translated to New Raipur is developed by the authority and is announced to be made the new capital of the state and the hub for entire business sector of the city. Naya Raipur, after completion, will be the sixth planned city of India.
Covering the area of around 8000 hectares, Naya Raipur will have entire sub system for its survival and sustainable development. Afforestation, water canals, green zones, educational institutions, residential complexes, government buildings, auditoriums, roads, parks, convenience areas, etc. are included in the project which is about to complete.
The main objective of Naya Raipur was to develop a model town in the outskirts of Raipur, to serve as an ideal colony for the society. The project had facilities such as:
A servicing hub not only in the manufacturing of goods but also in the information technology and bio-technology sectors
A financial center of the region
Hub of trade and hospitality sectors in Naya Raipur
Hub of cultural services which would supplement the local economy
Hub of affordable and high quality medical services
Hub of quality educational facilities; will strive to develop as a knowledge base
The plan for the city was to make it green city in every aspect. Planting more and more trees, rain water harvesting plants, utilizing solar energy and other non-conventional sources of energy to the optimum level, water recycling and water treatment plants, etc., are the steps taken in the development of the city which will help the economy and will further develop in the near future. The vision of the city is great and will become ideal model and source for inspiration for other cities to follow.
As any other city of India, agriculture is the backbone and the biggest contributor to the economy of Raipur and the state. The agricultural harvest from the city and the remote areas are transported to the entire region. Cultivation of rice is the main agricultural harvest. Even though the neighboring states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, etc., the main source of income is the agriculture, the rice is supplied to these states via Raipur only. The quality of the rice of the city is supreme hence the demand from the neighboring states for the rice is always high. Hence this sector of the business is evergreen and the proper storage of the harvest ensure round the year supply.

buddha talab raipur

The connectivity from different major cities and market destinations made the transportation of the products easier and accessible.  It opened the opportunity and expanded the range to which the products from the city is reached. The main mode of transportation for the products to different destinations remains trucks and lorries, with the railways the second largest mode of transportation. Hence, the investment in the transportation sector is increased since the inception of the state. The investors are realizing the importance of the transport sector and possible future with them, and are investing heavily for the betterment of the sector.
Other than agricultural related works, many production and processing factories are present in the city, where cement manufacturing units are one of them where companies like Lafarge, Konark, ACC, Ambuja, Grasim, etc., are present in the city which supplies the cements to the entire state as well as the neighboring states. The sole mode of transportation of cements to long distances is trucks. Local requirements are met by tempos and mini vans.
There are as high as 800 rice milling plants in the city. Along with that, 200 steel rolling mills, 195 sponge iron plants, around 6 steel plants, 60 plywood factories, 500 agro industries, 38 ferro-alloy plants, to name few. The place is rich with minerals and hence the presence of minerals related industries is high.
Formalin, used mainly to preserve the biological specimens to the longer period of time, is produced in Raipur and is supplied to the whole country. The chemical plant, which manufactures formalin, transports it via special closed container trucks, which are secure and safe for transportation of chemicals and other hazardous products.
The education sector is also one of the most profit reaping sector of the country. The presence of good educational institutions, brings students and faculties from around the world which in turns expands the available target market for the business purposes. The areas around the institutions also develop along with it. Similarly, with the presence of world class institutes like IIM, NIT, AIIMS, IIIT, the city’s educational sector is growing and will further develop in future.
Retail market is also one of the growing industry of the city. New malls are being developed and outlets from national and international brands marks their presence in these malls. Shopping complexes, malls, restaurants, cafeterias, etc., and other places for leisure are becoming new market for investments and will grow further in the near future.

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