Pondicherry - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 2 February 2017
Pondicherry, the French India, one of the union territory with state legislative assembly, has a strategic location, which yield it a major development in the industries.

Pondicherry Beach
Promenade Beach

Initially under the rule of the French Empire, the region flourished and enjoyed its fair share of profit by the business. Considerable part of the profit is again invested in the development of the city, and it made it what it is today. Every street speaks for its glorious past, for itself.
The French government were indulged in the cultivation of coconuts, fisheries, and palm products etc.

It was under the French government till 1954, after which the city joined the union of India, along with rest of French controlled states.
The city was made union territory, which made it an easy target for doing business, as the taxes were directly controlled by the Central government, and is considerably lower that rest of the states in India.
The investors took the opportunity and set up different factories across the city.
In agriculture, major cultivation around the city and its remote locations consists of rice, pulses, sugarcane, cotton, bananas, and coconuts. The topography of the region also suits the cultivations and the farms are seldom declared as drought hit.

According to the government reports, the major industries, located in Pondicherry are:
1.       Light Engineering
This include auto parts, and services. As the automobile sector is growing, it is reflection well in the production of the spare parts. The low taxes of the city encourage the set-up of these types of industries.
2.       Chemical Industries
Chemical industry is one of the largest contributor to the economy of the city. The industry is capital oriented and is bound to achieve the profit with a good margin.
3.       Basic Metal and Metal Industries
Abundance presence of metal in the form of minerals, are the reason, the metal industries is one of the fastest growing economy of Pondicherry. The market is good, and will grow in future.
4.       Leather and Footwear Industry
Presence of multiple small scale industries, and potential to provide employment to the needy, makes this industry, the fastest growing sector of the city. Most of the product is exported via trucks to cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag.
5.       Textile Industry
Anglo French textile Limited, was transferred to the Indian Government by the French, during the de joure transfer, and is running under the acquisition of Indian government, since.
Since its transfer, the quality and production performance has improved drastically and marked its presence in the area. Small scale industries, handlooms, power looms, all are used to produce quality product.
6.       Tourism Industry
The abundance of place of attraction is the reason, the tourism industry is flourishing.
Places like Aurobindo Ashram, Promenade Beach, serenity Beach, Paradise Beach, French Colony, etc are major tourist attraction and people from all over the world come to visit these places.

The city is connected via road to Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore etc., where truckloads of processed materials are transported.
By the increase of production of processed materials, the need of transporting it to different places also grew with time. The investors realized the need of reformation in the transporting sector and started investing into the transporting sector.
Trucks, Lorries, ferries etc. are used to transport the goods to and fro the city. Now a days, online booking of the trucking services are also done directly by the consumer and the owners of the small scale industries. This helps cut the commission for the middle man as well as they can keep track of the transporting status in real time.
Post-Independence, the preexisting industries were remodeled for better working, and new industries, specially the small-scale industries were encouraged by the government.
Many schemes to enable the people to set up their own small industries by providing them some financial support is introduced by the government. The schemes were utilized well by the people and self-help groups and are a huge success.

Being a coastal town the aquatic life is in abundance and the fisheries sector is ever blooming. The fish products are transported on a daily basis to the inland towns and cities. This provide employment to thousands of individual fishermen. These individual fishermen, sell the fishes in local market as well as to the transporters who connects it to further towns.
The policy of government is also clear towards the small scale industries and is befitting them directly. Being a union territory and coastal town, the tourist attraction is evergreen as the people find it way less expensive than other tourist destination.
The presence of preserved French tradition and Franco-Tamil culture also gives a chance to the tourist to witness the past of the city with a close look.

The future if the city is promising. The selection of it, being a smart city and the work done by the government in this direction to achieve this is exemplary and will directly benefit the citizen and their business soon.
The road connectivity also plays a vital role in the transportation of the products to the remote locations. The ECR or the East Coast Road is the major route of the roadways transportation and connects the south to the eastern parts like Bhubaneshwar and Kolkata, via the Eastern Ghats.
The transport sector is also growing and is still taking pace. Investors are coming and the sector is blooming in its initial phase.
Pondicherry has always seen up rise in the industries since its independence, and will grow further by the help of government and its people.

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