Mysore - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Friday, 3 February 2017
Mysore, or Mysuru was the capital city of the Kingdom of Mysore. Dynasties change, but he city remained the capital city for almost six centuries and hence, saw development in all phases of time. Affectionately called as the city of Palaces, Mysore has quarantined the entire history and the times it saw. 

Located in the southern part of the Deccan plateau, the city has always been an important place for economy, business, tradition, culture, education and rulers in the entire south India.
Post-Independence, the city saw balanced growth in every sector including production, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, IT, etc. The planned steps taken towards the development of these sectors by the authorities are generating heavy revenue and is contributing to the economy of the city.

Agriculture has always been the backbone of the economy of any Indian city and state. Mysore is no exception. The soil is good for the cultivation of grains and other agricultural products. The two major rivers, Kaveri and Kabini, is used to meet up the requirement of the irrigation needs for the farmers. The dams are built in the river at places, to cope up with the water shortage during the summers. Some of the major crops grown here are cotton, grams, groundnut, jowar, maize, ragi, rice, sugarcane, sunflower and tur. The harvests are transported via truck to the national market to other big cities. The products from the countryside areas are brought through the tempos to the city by the farmers to get better price as the market here is big. 

The welfare schemes by the government for the farmers are ensuring that the farmers get the benefit directly, and cut the role of the middle men. The process is entirely digitized and service is all taken online.
Other agriculture related works like horticulture is also a major trend among the farmers. They cultivate herbs that are rare and get good price in exchange for it.

Heavy engineering industries, production factories and manufacturing units are also present in the city since very long time. Under the authority of Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB), many industrial areas are established and developed in the city to further enhance the revenue and contribute to the economy of the city. Located at different part of the city, these industries belong to the ace companies of their respective markets. Companies like Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC), TVS, L&T Limited, Vikrant Tyres, and Automotive Axles Ltd., have originated from this city. Other companies which have production units in different industrial areas are Nestle, Sugar Mills, Max pharma, Bacardi Martini, South Indian Paper Mills, Reid & Taylor, etc. 

TVS produces spare parts as well as assembles the whole vehicles in the production units and transport them to the different part of the country via trucks and lorries. For that, transport services are also growing rapidly in the city. The packer and movers transport the goods and consignments safely to the other parts of the country. Services has even gone online with the presence of companies like Goods On Move.

Following the footsteps of Bengaluru, Mysore is also in the verge of becoming the next hub for the IT companies. The selection of the city to be developed as smart city, and government’s recognition of it being the Number One Tier 2 city in India.  The Software Technology Park, homes to many ace players of the market as well as the new startups. The revenue is growing exponentially from being 400 crores in the year 2004-2005 to around 850 crores in 2006-2007 and to 1336 crores in 2009-2010.
Major companies located here are: Wipro Infotech, Infosys Technologies, L & T Infotech, Comat Technologies, Excelsoft Technologies, TCS, etc.
The further advancement in the existing STP, or the establishment of other IT park will ensure the further investment from the other companies as well. If the infrastructure is developed to suit the needs of the organization, the companies will definitely invest in the city.
Tourism sector is other major contributor to the economy of the city. The palaces of the medieval centuries are place of attraction among the tourists. The occasion of festival Dussehra, is famous all over. People from different parts come to witness the festivals, as it is flooded with lights and not an inch of street is left dark.  This is important also for the historians and researchers as it is a dichotomy of the Indo-Dravidian culture. Mysore palace, Brindavan Gardens, Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve, Lalitha Mahal, Somanathapura, etc. are some major place which attracts tourist from all over the country and world.
The king of Mysore, set up the Mysore Sandalwood Oil Factory in the early twentieth century, which made Mysore famous for its sandalwood. The scent and soaps are still made in the factories and exported to the national and international market. The famous Mysore Sandal Soap is manufactured from this factory only.
The silk of Mysore is very famous in the entire country. The silk is used to make saree. Many people and small scale industries are indulged in silk worm keeping, and hand woven saree mills. The finished product has a great value in the market and yield good price at national market.
The city is connected to the other cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vizag, etc., via road and rail. The presence of state highways and national highways, makes the transportation of goods and services easy. The Railway junction also connects major cities and used to transport products outstation.

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