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A highway is defined as a road which connects distinct places. Earlier highways were used by people to travel on foot,on horses and then the advancement took place by the invention of vehicles ,trucks, motors etc. Often people are confused between roads and highways.The following points distinguishes between them.
1)It has limited entrance and exit.
2)The maximum speed is no km per/hr
3)It usually has more than one lane
National highways:
National highways  basically has a large network of highways whose development and maintainance is done by the government of India. The national highways have a total length of 70,548 kms.There are 228 highways in India at present.

List of some high way in India -

NH 1 (Uri-Leh)

NH 3 (Atari-Manali)

NH 205 (Kharar-Shimla)

NH 9 (Malaut-Delhi-Pithoragarh)

NH 309 (Rudrapur-Shrinagar)

NH 34 (Gangotri-Lakhnadon)

NH 334 (Haridwar-Bulandshahar)

The national highways authority of India agency looks towards the construction maintenance of the highways. The major problems faced by the people is heavy traffic.Due to the invention of highways there has been a 30% decrease in overall traffic problem.Many programs have been initiated for reclassifying existing roads into highways. The new system will indicate the direction of national highways whether it is east-west (odd numbers) or north-south (even numbers) and also the geographical region where they are located, increasing from east to west and from north to south. Some highways are short while some are long.They easily provide a connectivity between nearby ports and harbours.Highways are frequently used for the transportation of various goods,medicines,large shipping orders,fruits ,foodgrains etc. Various types of facilities are also provided like places to eat,fill the petrol ,hospitals etc. Since the highways are one direction in one lane so traffic problem is easily reduced.It shortens up the time taken to travel to a particular destinations. The longest national highway is NH44, which runs between Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, at the southernmost point of the Indian mainland, covering a distance of 2,369 km (1,472 mi). The shortest national highway is NH966B,which spans 6 km (3.7 mi), to the Ernakulam - Kochi Port.sometimes the highways are full due to traffic at that time flyovers are used.These highways also helps many people to earn their wages by running hotels or working in petrol pumps, small grocery shops on the way etc.
Highway NH44: The national highway number 44 connects India's north to it's southern part, but almost all men from a small village named Peddakunta have been welcomed by death on this highway. It is the longest running highway in north-south which starts from Srinagar and ends in Kanyakumari. It passes through the states of Jammu and Kashmir,Delhi Haryana etc.

 Highway NH966B:It is also called as NH 47A highway which is located in the states of Kochin.It is the second shortest highway in India.Its major junctions include  from Kochi Kerala to Willingdon island.
Highways not only helps us to save our time and journey but it can also cause death due to dangerous car accidents.In the last few years the cases of highway accidents have increased in large numbers.Specially in night hours goods carrying trucks, tankers drive at such a high speed which paves way to breakable car damages,crushed vehicles and loss of many human lives.It the the responsibility of every citizen to drive safely not for others but for themselves. After all life is a precious thing.
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