Gwalior - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 9 February 2017
Gwalior is one of the major city and center of business interest of Madhya Pradesh. It is identified as one of the 10 counter-magnet cities located across India which was initially developed to attract the people migration to the National Capital Region in search of livelihood and for doing business. Hence, the development of the city grew rapidly post independence.


Post-independence, city has emerged as an important tourist attraction in central India while many industries and administrative offices came up within the city. Before the end of the 20th century it became a million plus agglomeration and now it is a metropolitan city in central India. Gwalior is surrounded by industrial and commercial zones of neighboring districts (Malanpur – Bhind, Banmor – Morena) on all three main directions. A 2016 report of the World Health Organization found Gwalior to be the second-most air-polluted city in the world and the most polluted city in India. This was seen by the authorities as the result of untreated sewage and unfiltered air pollution by the factories and manufacturing units.

Gwalior has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under PM's flagship Smart Cities Mission.
Gwalior is surrounded by 3 Industrial areas – Sitholi, Banmore and Malanpur. These areas were developed by the authorities for the industrial development of the city. All three of these sectors are on NH 75, NH-3 and NH 92 respectively, with Malanpur being the largest industrial area. The city used to have big manufacturing industries, such as Gwalior Grasim and J.C. MILLS of Birlanagar, but now this sector is left with only one major factory – J.B.Mangharam Ltd. But the other 3 sectors have many industries. The important ones are from dairy, chemical, manufacturing, textiles, and other industries. Handicraft and small industries are also found like Gwalior potteries.
Gwalior is also an important historical and tourism sector of the country. Therefore, the tourism sector also puts an effect into the city's economy. Gwalior is part of NCR as it is a counter magnet city.
There are some manufacturing set-ups of some companies like UFlex (Flex Industries Ltd), SRF, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Cadbury, J. K. Tires, Surya Bulbs, SiyaRam and Railway spring factory Sitholi. 

Most of the Local population is involved with trading firms or are self-employed, mainly in agricultural related works. Many run OMEs and SMEs with Gwalior and Agra as the local market. The city is scattered with coaching institutes and Educational institutions which provide employment to a large section of city's population as well as attracts large number of people which will ultimately help grow the range of market and make a multiethnic and diverse population.
The Gwalior Trade Fair is an annual trade fair showcasing the economy of Gwalior. The fair was initially started by the King of Gwalior Maharaja Madho Raj Scindia, in the early 1900s, to attract the crowds from the remote areas to boom the economy and provide opportunity for the small businessmen and weavers to do their business in the central market. Now, it has become the largest fair of Madhya Pradesh, and is one of the most colorful fairs of India. This fair attracts crowds and tourists not only from across the country but from the abroad. Anthropologists from across the globe also participate in the fair, to learn about the human civilization. It starts in the month of January and continues for one month till February.

Maharaj Bada is the biggest and most important market of Gwalior. Seven ancient buildings of different styles of architecture (Italian, Russian, Maratha, Mughal, Rajputana, Chinese, etc.) can be viewed.

Ghas Mandi- This area is presumed to be 700 years old as it was established around the 15th century. This place was used by local population for business by selling grass for feeding animals for king and other rich people.

Loha Mandi- This place is also 600 years old in Gwalior. This place was used for buying iron materials.

Hazira- It was the main market place of Gwalior that time. Nowadays this place is congested because of its irregular and unplanned structure made by old merchants in the 15th century.

gwalior palace

The retail sector is also growing rapidly in the city. Gwalior has three shopping malls, DD City Mall with Fun Cinemas multiplex, Maya-Gitanjali Mall with Gold Digital Multiplex and the Central Mall. Salasar Mall City Centre, similarly to DD City Mall, also contains a multiplex. There are several gaming zones, three Discothèques (DnD, Barcode, and Spectrum), and a water park in Gwalior. "Sun City Amusement Park" is a family entertainment centre in Gwalior. The DD City Mall is one of the biggest malls of Madhya Pradesh. A multi-storeyed structure, it houses shops and showrooms of many national and international brands and has a number of eateries, as well as a Fun Cinemas multiplex. There are also some international and well known fast food restaurants like Domino's Pizza, Subway (restaurant) and McDonald's in DD City Mall. Pizza Hut is adjacent to DD Mall. These places are becoming the hangout places for the youngsters because of presence of outlets of global brands, and for the elders because of presence of greenery.
The city has connectivity through rail, road and air routes. This connectivity makes the transportation of goods and services across the nation easier and faster.
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