Guwahati - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 9 February 2017
Guwahati, or as sometimes referred to as Gauhati is the biggest city of Assam and is the business hub for the entire North-Eastern states of India. Located in the banks of the river Bramhaputra, the city is among the fastest growing Tier 2 cities in India, and is the second largest metropolitan of the region after Kolkata. 

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Guwahati is one of the 100 cities picked by the Government of India, to be developed as a smart city. The process in accordance with that has already being started and is growing rapidly. It is also sometimes called as city of temples due to the presence of many ancient temples of Hinduism. The city is very rich diversity of animals and birds. The city is home to many rare species like Tigers, Asian Elephants, Pythons, Rhinoceros, endangered birds, etc. The city is the very near to the state capital of Dispur. Guwahati is the main marketplace for the business in the region and area of interest for the investor for major funding.

As any other cities of India, agriculture and related activities are the source of income for many people and is the biggest contributor to the economy of the city. The Bramhaputra river’s basin accumulated many minerals over the large period of time and hence the soil became ideal for the cultivation of crops. With the presence of the water in the river round the year and good amount of waterfall received by the city during the annual monsoon, the farmers face very little difficulty for the availability of water for the irrigation purposes. The government’s schemes of irrigation canals also safeguard the need of water for irrigation purposes in the worst-case scenario of drought. The crops harvested from the town areas or the remote locations are brought Guwahati for further business. The farmers sell their harvest either to the individual merchants, government traders, or directly to the marketplace.
The Tea manufacturing business is the major agricultural activity of the city as well as the state of Assam. As Assam is the largest contributor to the total production of the tea of India, it is also the largest exporter of tea in India. The headquarters of all the Tea related business is situated in Guwahati. The Guwahati Tea Auction Center is the world’s largest tea auction center. Farmers are indulged in growing tea leaves in their own land or in the land government gave on lease. Some companies also brought huge farmlands from the people and the government for the cultivation of tea. The people from nearby are employed for the agricultural purposes, thus generating employment.
These companies also set-up tea manufacturing units to process the harvested tea leaves to make tea. The companies also employ many people in the factories. The end product is then transported to the destinations all over the world. The demand of the Indian tea is always high in the international and national market; hence the supply never drops and thus the industry makes huge revenue by the business making it the evergreen sector.
Manufacturing units are also present in the city and contributes handsomely to the economy of the city. With the presence of huge petroleum reserve in the city, the petroleum manufacturing is the major manufacturing activity of the city. The most important, Guwahati Refinery is the biggest player in the market. This refinery belongs to one of the giant player of petroleum manufacturing industry, Indian Oil Corporation Limited which is a public sector unit, or a PSU. The products produced by them include vital fuels like Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, mainly used for cooking purposes in the Indian urban household), Kerosene Oil (Used to ignite fire and for cooking purposes in the rural parts of India), Turbine fuel (Fuels used by the aero planes for the aviation use), Motor Spirit, High speed motor diesel, Light diesel oil, Raw petroleum coke, etc.
In ancient times, the city was heavily fortified by the then rulers to guard the city. The fortification of the past has now made a natural river harbor for the city. This is the National Waterway, used for the transportation of goods, cargos as well as passengers. With the further enhancement of the capacity of these waterways and harbors, the revenue generated by the business activities increased heavily. Thus, making it one of the most profit yielding infrastructure of the city.
The retail sector is also growing rapidly in the city. Malls and outlets of the national and international brands are marking their presence in the city. The youth centric establishments like themed restaurants, high end malls, shopping complexes, are yielding good revenue directly from the market.
The city has an International airport which connects it to the International destinations as well as other business hubs of the regions like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.
Under the Northeast Frontier Railway, the city has a railway junction, which connects it to the important commercial and business hubs via the rail route. There are more than one railway stations in the city to deal with the excessive passengers and goods coming in and going out of the city.
In roadways, the National Highway connects states like west Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and other northeastern states of India. It acts like a gateway for the other northeastern states for the further connectivity to the states like West Bengal.
The waterway is also used extensively in the city for the transport of goods and cargos to the other places. Ferry services to carry passengers are also available in this routes.

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