Coimbatore - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 2 February 2017
Coimbatore, or as called as the Manchester of South India, or sometimes the pump city of India, is a major city of Taminadu and famous for its production of agricultural products like cotton and processed items like motor pumps, textiles etc. The city is a major hub of industrial development of the state and is among the fastest growing metro cities of India.
Post-Independence, the government took step in right direction to develop the city. With the presence of two Special Economic Zones (SEZs), the city has the presence of IT & ITES, Engineering, and Textile industries in abundance. The Coimbatore Hi-Tech Infrastructure and Tidel Park, are the two SEZs developed by the government for encouraging the investors and setting-up new factories and Industries. In this direction, the government is planning and developing around five more SEZs to meet up the ever-increasing requirement of the investors. 

The presence of SEZs in any city will ensure special attention of the investors and ultimately reaps profit in the longer run.
The major manufacturing units are located in the city, which meets up to 50% requirement of the total engineering parts needs. Research labs and engineering college, completes the overall local chain of the manufacturing units. The manufactured products are then transported to the rest of India, via trucks and freights. Companies like Robert Bosch, PSG, LMW, PRICOL, ITC Ltd., etc., have set up their manufacturing units and industries here and is contributing heavily to the economy of the state.
The city is one of the prominent name in the field of manufacturing auto parts. Be it spare parts or new parts for the assembling units, the products manufactured here are further send to all of the country. With the natural condition and cheap labor, many companies are setting up their manufacturing industries here. Not only manufacturing units but for convenience, assembly units and research and development labs of the automotive companies are also being set up here.
The manufacturing units of the city have the glory of producing India’s first indigenously built diesel engine car.

As mentioned earlier the city got its name as Pump city, because it home thousands of small and large scale industries that manufactures more than half of the motors and pumps’ consumption of India. The motor and pump industry in the city is so vast and historic that the very first motor, build in India, came from a small shop of Coimbatore. People from generations are into the field of producing motors and pumps. Ace companies also set up their main industries and manufacturing units of motors and pumps here in the city.
Not only household level motors and pumps but industrial level products are manufactured here. This vast market has bagged the city, many international clients. The products manufactured here are exported in the International market with a good profit. The business is never low, as the demand of the product is always high in the local and international market.

There are over 50,000 engineering units in the city. The companies are indulged either in IT, ITES or construction companies. Light and Heavy engineering, both have similar requirement of diverse problems.
Indians are obsessed with Gold. Coimbatore is the hub of manufacturing gold jewelry in India. Goldsmiths are into the business from generations. Many big manufacturing units are based in the city. Not only gold but several gems, silver, etc. are also used for making jewelry. The product is then transported to the neighboring regions. This market is evergreen and contributes heavily to the economy.
The production of cotton is huge. This is the result of the humongous textile industry of the city. There is a cotton research institute in the city. For the people indulged in the agriculture, cotton is the main product and yield good price in the local market. The cotton is then taken to the factories to be made into textiles. The product of Coimbatore is very famous in whole India and abroad. The city is classified as having largest concentration of textile activity in the whole world.

The finished product is exported to the domestic and foreign market. Some of the best-known companies for clothing, are based in the city. The processed and cleaned cotton is transported to the neighboring town of Tirupur which is the largest garment manufacturing industry of Asia.
The IT and BPO industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. Setting up new industries and expanding the previous one, the development is consistent and that makes Coimbatore the second largest producer of software in whole of Tamilnadu.
With the presence of SEZs, the companies are setting up their offices here. New investors and companies are coming, and employment is increasing.
Presently companies like TCS, HCL, Wipro, IBM, Robert BOSCH, CTS, are having their units in the city.

Poultry products also are one of the major sectors of the city. The chicken meats and chicken eggs produced are exported to national and international market. Coimbatore is one of the highest contributor of the chicken meat that are exported to the international market.
Wet grinder and flour mills are also in abundance in the city. The flour produced, is transport to whole of India. Coimbatore is home to one of the oldest flour mill of India. The factories have the capacity of producing nearly 50,000 Metric Tons of flour.
The presence of Railway junction and good road connectivity, makes the city connected to every other part of the nation. This makes the transportation business easy and opens exposure for the local market to the national and foreign market.
The city has potential to become the hub of the industries and the economy in its region. Steps taken by the authorities are adequate and right. The completion of the currently under construction SEZs, will open up new possibilities and opportunities for the people and the companies.

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