Bokaro - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Sunday, 5 February 2017
Bokaro, or Bokaro Steel City is a planned township in Jharkhand. It was the second planned township after Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. It was planned in such a way that even today, very few such towns exists in India. Every sector has basic amenities like shopping malls, schools, parks, places of worship, auto stands, etc. Every sector (1-12) are having these facilities. Some sectors (Sector-4) are having some more features than others, like cinema halls, marriage halls etc., and located in such a place that it will be accessible from every other sector. 

industry of bokaro

Pitch black road, with clear footpaths on either way and entire area covered with trees. The city is made marvelously, and is maintained to keep it so.
With the establishment of steel plant with the help of the then Soviet Union, the production of the steel started in Bokaro, and since then, the development started and never stopped.
Bokaro is completely industrial city. Around 90% of the population are in service sector. The major companies, present in the city are:
1.       Steel Authority of India Limited
The steel plant, which as of 2011, has a capacity of producing around 7.5 Metric Tonnes of steel was established by the help of Soviet Union, after the Independence. The steel is produced in the form of steel bars, steel panels, steel plates, steel wires, etc. The products are then transported to other parts of the state and country either to the construction companies or to the other manufacturing units.
The company is the highest revenue generator of the entire economy of the city. It employs people from all over the country, who comes here and settle for the job.
Under its shadow, the transporting sector grew rapidly. The produced materials were to be transported to the destinations, was realized by the investors and they started investing in this sector. Trucks, freights, lorries, etc. are used for the transportation of goods via roadways.
Products are also transported via cargo trains to the destination.

2.       Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
Bokaro is situated above the huge reserve of coal bed. The coal capital of India, Dhanbad is just around 50 kilometers away and hence the coal bed is spread in this area also.
Wherever there are coal mines, there is reserve of Methane gas. ONGC harvests the Methane and process it to use as natural gas in vehicles. The company has 80% share of the entire reserve. The other 20% is with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). The gas is then transported to other parts of the country in sealed trucks.

3.       Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited
The steel plants produce a waste material called slag. It happened in Jamshedpur that a Japanese company was interested in buying the slag. It then forced the official to research why they were interested in waste materials. They later found out that slag is used to produce good quality cement, which is used to make road more durable and long lasting.
DCBL, uses slag from the SAIL to produce cement and then transport it to the other parts of the nation.

4.       Bokaro Power Supply Company Limited
The company focuses on producing electricity for the needs of the Steel Plant. Hence it is in equal partnership with the SAIL and DVC.

There are many Banks, Financial Establishments, Hospitals, Schools, etc. which are dedicated to the employees of SAIL and to the general public as well. With the establishment and management so big, the city and company attracts people from every part of the country. The city is hence very diverse and multiethnic. People from almost every part of India live here.
Since the majority of the population are educated, the presence of CBSE and ISCE affiliated schools, along with the growing number of coaching institution is justifiable. The city is among the largest producer of IITians and NEETians of the state.
NH 23 passes from Bokaro, which connects it directly or indirectly to every major citiy of the region. The bus services for passengers and trucks and freight services for goods and services are available all the time.
The Railway Junction is a class A rated, and equipped with the modern facilities. The rail route is between two major destinations and connects Ranchi, the state capital on one side, and Kolkata the economic and financial hub of the region on the other side.
The Airport is not yet commercial and only for the carted planes of the SAIL officials.
The river Damodar is used for the water purpose of the industries and general population along with the ground level water. The city is in the lap of nature, the plantation of trees is done in war level by the SAIL, to cope up with the pollution.
People from different cities and background come here in search of jobs and livelihood. The city is big enough to accommodate them.

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