Bhubaneswar - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Thursday, 2 February 2017
The city of temples, Bhubaneshwar is one of the fastest growing hub for the IT industry. The capital of Odisha, and a business hub for the while area, Bhubaneshwar has proven its metal in recent times. The pace of development of the city, has yielded it the title of one of the fastest growing city in terms of the industries and IT hub. With the recent advancement in the direction of making it a smart city, the government has started to invest into the long-term plans. This will help the city immensely in the longer run and to help it attain the sustainable development.


Each of the 100 cities, selected to be developed as smart city, has the potential of being an ideal city and a source of inspiration for the remote cities. The satellite towns are still dependent in the commercial hub of Odisha, and survive by doing business here. The small-scale industries, mid-level industries, and the heavy industries, all are abundant here. Not only Bhubaneswar, but also the towns like Rourkela, etc., are the major constituent of the profit, made by the government. The 2nd tier towns of the state also contributes hugely into the net profit share.
Major factories and industries located in Bhubaneshwar are
·         Forest based Industries
·         Minerals
·         Ferro Alloy
·         Sugar
·         Fertilizers
·         Hand looms
·         Iron and Steel
·         Aluminum
·         Information Technology
·         Cement
·         Paper

The first steel plant of Independent India, was set up in Odisha, named Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP). It made the regional headquarter at Bhubaneshwar. The total production of Rourkela Steel Plant is currently roughly around 2 million TPA of crude steel. The major product produced by the plant is Auto Chassis steel. With the ever-growing demand of automobiles and the advancement in the automobile sector, the production is also increasing rapidly. The material, after manufacturing is then supplied to and transported to different cities in different part of India, for further assembling. Truckload of processed goods is transported via roadways or railways. Mainly, the places which have manufacturing and assembling part of automobiles, imports the items. There are very limited places where the actual crude manufacturing is done, and RSP is one of the key player of it.
Apart from that, other steel products, like TMT Bars, Steel plates, Guarders, etc., are manufactured and supplied to the concerned sectors like construction companies and Railways for laying tracks.
This provides employment to many people in many ways, directly or indirectly. The people not directly linked with the production, through the plant are investing and earning through transport sector. People are engaged in transport sector, transporting the processed or unprocessed goods to their respective destinations, either directly to the market or to further manufacturing unit. This connects and complete the chain for further actions.
Not only steel, but there are other production factories are present as well. 

Arguably, the cement production, is the second largest in the state, and one of the major industries in Bhubaneshwar. There are two main cement manufacturing factories, where one is at Rajganjpur and other is at Bargarh. Almost all the major cement companies namely Ultra Tech, ACC, Lafarge, Ambuja, etc. have set up the production unit in these areas.
The cement from the factories is either sent directly to the retail market, or to the construction companies. This is done by the mutual agreement of the buyer and the seller.
The location of Bhubaneshwar and availability of natural resources, allowed the companies and factories to survive and to flourish. Decades have passed and the development in the old economy like Steel, Iron and Aluminum, has never stopped, and neither it stopped the arrival of the new economy, the IT sector. The strong administration and stable government also helped a lot to nurture and nourish what already was present and simultaneously making way for the new to come. Often, the attachment from the old doesn’t let the new to come, but this was not the case with Bhubaneshwar. The government as well as the citizen, welcomed the digital age and opened the gate to their city for better future.
In terms of paper production, the city is one of the key player in the entire region. The paper production is done in abundance and is supplied via the transport services to the entire region either by trucks or trains. One of the major profit maker to the state is paper production.
The agricultural products and forest products are also a good source of income for the people here. The sugarcane production results in Sugar manufacturing and again, transporting it to the entire region. The Sugar manufactured is of superior and export quality.
Many self-help groups have established the hand looms and kept alive their tradition and culture. Most of them produces khadi, or the traditional Oriya wears. Different schemes by the government for the betterment of the society and empowering the women, are enabling them to set up their own small scale industries for the livelihood.

About the Information Technology (IT) sector, the city, government, and the citizens, all made it potential place to become an IT hub. The process towards this direction has already started. With the monopoly of the places like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida etc., in the IT sector, Bhubaneshwar has proved its metal and has started to shine very rapidly. 

Giant IT Companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Mahindra Satyam, etc. has already set the companies here. Apart from that, there are many startups with great potential are being set-up in the city. The hub of all these companies are in Info city area, with some exceptions obviously.
The city has a great future and will flourish in the longer run. The ability of the citizen and administration to accept the changing times and move forward with it, helped it bag the IT industry. This proves, the sooner one moves towards the digitization, the better it gets.

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