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Dekho magar pyaar se..!!

I am sure you might have seen such quotations written on the trucks and beautiful paintings drawn on the sides , back and front of a truck . Some trucks are decorated with bunches of colourful lights making a truck look like a bride . These innovative designs not only adds up to the beauty of the truck but also depicts some stories or sayings or quotes in them . 
Few of the examples are illustrated here :

The falling raindrops on the trees from the winter skies , their branches spread in the manner of a person wailing with arms spread out. The golden beams of a sun filtering through clouds turn these droplets into prisms that throw up curious combinations of emerald and green . Another array of raindrops gleams like small mirrors, suspended to bare boughs running from one end to the other.

This is not a scene from a mountain valley coming back to life after heavy snows. It is not even the creation of a writer’s fertile imagination. It is part of the fantastical imagery often found painted on trucks plying across Pakistan. Be fascinated by it and call it truck art. Be detached and you will see it as mere decoration. For a truck driver, it is the make-up of his “bride”.

In the metamorphosis of a truck into a bride, the body parts of the vehicle assume human aspects. The silver, metallic decoration on top of the driving cabin is a taj, a crown; the windscreen is matha, the forehead; and the bonnet is hont or lips. The lowest part of a truck’s front – where the bonnet meets the chassis and tyres – is adorned with golden metal bells, ghunghroos, hanging by a series of vertical steel chains.

The 50 or so bells chime and dance as an elusive film melody plays in the distance on an early February day at a Rawalpindi trucking station , known as adda in transport diction . “I have strung these bells together myself,” says a trucker , as he points towards the vehicle he calls his bride . “Her splendour lies in these details , ” he says with eyes beaming in admiration .  “ Isn’t she beautiful ? ” .

The part of Pir Wadhai Road where the adda is located is witnessing an interesting tableau in the skies . A meek sun trying to peer through a canvas of rain-laden clouds is turning them purple at the edges , giving them wondrous shapes and hues — similar to the ones you see in landscapes painted on trucks .

It is still midday in Dera Ghazi Khan . A trucker's phone rings . He pulls it out of his pocket – a basic handset held together with a rubber band – and cancels the call . “ Time , it cannot be wasted , ” he says as if to himself .

Famed for making portraits that sit on the back of thousands of trucks across Pakistan, he charges 600 rupees for each portrait he paints . Every minute equates money for him — money made or money lost .

His job is made easy and quick by the nature of his work. Each portrait seems to have the same basic structure to which a face is then attached — identification depends not on the exact portrayal of the features but on the dress and other paraphernalia.

There have been technological involvements in the art of truckers as well . Music adds up to its beauty and makes it better than no one . Nevertheless, technological development and change continues to influence truck music and keeps it going. 

Just as truck drivers in the 1970s and 1980s no longer had to rely on AM radio or pre-recorded 8-track tape to listen to the music they wanted to hear by making-up their own playlists on cassette tape , today the portable computer , wireless wi-fi , and the Internet allows singer/songwriters to produce and distribute their own truckmusic (Dale Watson, Sonny George, Bill Kirchen). Other artists have started their own record labels (Joey Holiday - Truck It Records; Harold Crosby - Traveler Records) .
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