Agra - Industrial Development Post Independence

By Unknown → Friday, 3 February 2017
Agra, located beside the banks of the river Yamuna, is one of the most important place in whole of Uttar Pradesh as well as in India. The place is a witness of its past with the Mughals as well as British. As it was a special place for the Mughals during that era, it is home to many monuments and engineering marvels, well preserved by UNESCO, attracting tourists from all around the world.

Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal

The city was capital of the Mughal empire for some period of time. This resulted in the development of infrastructure in the city.

Post-Independence, development of Agra grew rapidly. The government realized the importance of the presence of Mughal-Era monuments and started to develop and advertise the place as a tourist attraction. With the arrival of tourists from all around the world, round the year, the tourism industry grew rapidly over the period of time. The sites are well preserved by UNSECO, and hold great importance. The Taj Mahal, is one of the seven wonders of the world, and attracts millions of tourists round the year. Along with it, the Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri are major place of interest among the tourists.
Government successfully turned the tourism sector into a profit yielding sector. Proper maintenance and advertising, providing security, and promoting tour packages, led to further increase the tourists into the city.
With the passing time, the city became the most populous city in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. People from remote locations, started to migrate to the city in search of livelihood. This forced the authority to think and act in further enhancement of the infrastructure of the city.
The crafts industry is also one of the major profit yielding industry in the city. The Mughal style arts and crafts are made by the local craftsmen and is sold in local market as well as transported to the national and international market. The demand for the carpets made by hand, in Mughal design, is always high in the international market. The foreigners pay good price for these crafts items.

There are about 7,000 small scale industrial units. The city is also known for its leather goods. The carpets, handicrafts, embroidery work, marble and stone carving and inlay work are good source of income for the people.
Educational institutions, are inviting the students from every part of the world. The Institute of Psychiatry, aka the mental hospital is the one of the two best institute of mental health in India, other being at Ranchi. Due to the presence of Mughals in the past, the place is an important destination for the studies of contemporary history and languages like Hindi and Urdu.
The city has also produced many poets in the past.
Good connectivity allows the people from remote locations to participate and contribute in the market. The city is connected with satellite towns as well as big cities via state highways, national highways and railways. It is a major junction of highways and expressways that connects it to the most of the big cities of the Northern part of India.
Agra is in middle of the railway line that is connects Delhi to the Eastern and Central India. Hence, it is well connected to the National Capital which gains it direct exposure to the bigger markets.
Air connectivity is also growing and as of now, direct flights to and from Agra is available for Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Allahabad, etc. It still needs expansion in air routes and need more flights to important destinations.
Agra is also famous for its snacks and food items. Petha, the sweet snacks, made in Agra is world famous and is exported to many countries in the international market. Many small-scale industries are established for the production of snacks and food items. Individuals are also in the business for generations, and do their business in the local market. The presence of tourists from foreign origin, yields good price of the product for these individual makers. 


Apart from that, gold and silver jewelry making is also an art, and the respective artists are famous for designing jewelry. The work is done mainly in tenders, with big jewelry firms. However, individual designers are also indulged in retail business.
Expansion in metro line, is the next thing in line for the authorities. It will ensure better connectivity and better form of public transportation and will generate good revenue to support the economy.
Investment in the property and real estate is growing rapidly in the city. Development of malls and office buildings are at a prime stage in the city. It has many malls that incorporates many outlets from national and international brands. These places are becoming the places for outing among the youths of the cities. There are many new buildings, shopping complexes, malls, roads, flyovers and apartments coming up. This will invite other ventures to invest into the city and expand the range of target audience.

 Located in the bank of the major river, it has strategic benefit of the location for the development, both in past and the present. It is age old saying that cities located in the bank of water bodies are bound to develop faster and will have good economy than their counterparts.
Keeping in mind that rising level of pollutants into the nature and increasing pollution, the setting up of new manufacturing industries and assembling units are banned in the town areas. The water outlets in the river Yamuna, from the existing industries are also checked up for major water pollutants.
Arguably, Agra is the hub of tourist sector of the country. Hence, this sector is the biggest contributor to the economy of the city. Thus, advancement and investments in this sector shall be done effectively by the authority.

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