Truck Driver slangs

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 Truckers Slangs

truckers slangs

Alligator- A re-tread on the roadway that came off a tire. 

AM- Stands for "Amplitude Modulation." It is the same transmission system that your
car's AM Radio receives.

Back Door - The last vehicle in a string of three or more in radio contact with each other. 

Barefoot- An unmodified CB radio or running a CB radio without a linear amplifier (i.e.
Using the allowable 4 watts AM or 12 watts SSB).

Base Station - A CB radio station operated from a fixed location.
Bear- Short for "Smokey The Bear." A policeman or high way patrol, RCMP, etc.
Bear bait - wreckless driver / speeder
Bear Cave - Police station or highway patrol station.
Bearin the Air - Police in a helicopter or airplane watching high way traffic (also eye in
the sky).

Beat the Bushes - A "Front Door" driving fast enough to attract a patrol car out of hiding
but not fast enough to get a ticket.

Beaver- A woman.
Big Wheel - The boss.
Bird Dog - A radar detector.
Bleeding- Interference from another CB channel.
Bobtail- A truck without a trailer.
Bodacious- Big or strong transmission, especially when good and clear.
Bounce Around - To pass in a hurry.
Brake Check - A dramatic slow down or stop in traffic ahead.
Break- A request to clear the channel to let the breaker communicate.Usually given with
the channel number.

Breaker- The person requesting to break in on the channel. (e.g. "Go ahead, breaker.")
Bucket Mouth - One who talks too much plugging the channel with useless chatter.
Bushel- Weight: One bushel equals ½ ton. (e.g. 25 tons, 50,000 lb. equals 50 bushels.)
CQ- A general call for contact on an open frequency.
Camera- Police radar (also "X-ray Machine.").
Center Grove - Grassy median between lanes of highway.
Charlie- The FCC in the United States.
Check the Seat Covers - Watch for a female driver with her skirt pulled up.
Chicken Coop - A truck weigh station.
Clarifier- A fine tuning adjustment found on SSB Radios.
Clean- No police or patrol cars sighted.
Clear- End of transmission.
Come On - Your turn to talk.
Copy- To receive (e.g. "You got a copy on me?" or "How do you copy?")
Copy the Mail - To listen with very little talking.
Cotton Picker - Slang used instead of profanity. However, most CB'ers simply choose
to use four letter words and spare themselves the embarrassment of using this corney

County Mounty - A sheriff, deputy sheriff, or county police officer. Again,mostly used in
the United States.

Covered Up - Radio transmission being overpowered by another station.
Dead Key - Transmitting without talking. Pour CB ettiquette.
Double Nickel - Fifty-five, or 55 miles per hour. Translates to 90 kilometers per hour.
Draggin' Wagon - Tow truck.
Dropthe Hammer - To put the accelerator down.
DX- A long distance transmission usually caused by Skip. Often the cause of
unnecessary QRM.

Ears- A CB radio or the antenna for a CB radio (e.g. "You got your ears on?").
Eighteen Wheeler - Any semi-tractor truck regardless of number of wheels. 

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