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Days beginning early and nights running fast . This is how mostly each day goes for a truck driver . In many ways, being an OTR (over-the-road) or CDL driver is more a lifestyle than a job. Its demands, particularly upward of 300 days per year on the road, will certainly limit what time you spend at home , thus impacting relationships with those around you . And because it may be two years before you can move into a regional driving position that allows for you to return home weekly , instead of once every three weeks , spouses or partners deserve some say in your deliberations before you decide if driving a truck for a living is for you . Apart from these problems , the truckers face a problem to search for a shelter at night . Here is a list of top five places where truckers spend their night life : 


Although uncomfortable , but since something is better than nothing , the truckers find their shelter in the tucks itself . They somehow adjust themselves , keeps a cover over their heads and just tries to sleep waiting for the next day . The inside of a semi-truck is a complete mystery to many people . Thousands of men and women spend weeks at a time inside these vehicles , yet many of us have never seen one from the inside . Because of the nature of the job and the amount of time spent in the truck , the actual amenities a truck provides can be surprisingly accommodating . The confined space can take some getting used to , but the highly-rewarding nature of life on the road can easily outweigh the tight quarters . Part of choosing a career as a professional truck driver is to make sure you’ll be able to adjust to the unique living conditions . Sleeping inside the trucks is more favourable by the truck drivers as they feel that they are more safe inside as compared to outside tents or any dhabas etc . 


This is another temporary idea which truckers usually implement , when they get no place to sleep , they just require a bamboo stick , a blanket and some pieces of threads and their temporary home is ready . But if it is winters , they can manage that too , why not lite a bonfire and beat the cold outside ? Although it is a bit risky thing , but circumstances can make people do much worse than this . Here are a few points why truckers choose tent living :-

1. Financial Savings : If you own your own land, the cost of living in a tent is nominal. If you are wanting to save some hard cash, a tent is a good option.

2. Nature Connection : Nothing gets you closer to nature (apart from sleeping under the stars) than living in a tent . You will be one with natural surroundings around you, and it may take you quite a while to get used to new sounds .

3. Small Footprint : Living in a tent is a very green alternative housing option . Your footprint is remarkably small , and you can reduce this footprint even more by purchasing a tent made from natural and organic materials .

4. Simplification : We can all benefit from a little slow down and simplification in our lives . Tent living screams “simple living,” and is a great way to get in touch with what is really important in life .


As most of the truckers are not that rich , so they can reside inside dharamshalas or in small motels to some extent . This is also one of a safe method how they can spend their nights . This is mostly favourable during winter season and best favoured during rainny season , when your tent wont work at all . Dharamshalas are quite cheap and within their budjets . So they can easily afford that and pass their nights .


This method is generally favoured by those truckers who are quite rich , and sometimes middle class truckers also use this method . This method is , ofcourse , the most convenient method to spend their night in a lavish manner and so is costly as well . This method is most secure one and they can have a non disturbing ,sound sleep ,without any interruption . But this cannot be adopted by poor truckers as it may go beyond their budjet . Hence , it has limitations in this way .


Although not much practised , but this is some of the last options available for the truckers to reside at night . They can , in adverse situations , ask the people living by the highways to give them shelter for a night . In return , they can take some amount , if they want . But if thinking of both the ends ,  this may be dangerous to both in some way . May be the trucker may turn out to be a robber or may be the people who are giving them shelters are themselves fishy . So this case is quite not favourable and is adopted only when other options are closed .
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