Top 3 Truck Manufacturers across the Globe

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Globally, trucks come in various sizes depending on the purpose application. There are mini trucks, light trucks, medium, heavy, as well as very heavy trucks and transporters. That's why copious truck manufacturers are present across the globe to supply the demand for these trucks.

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Top 3 Truck Manufacturers in the World

Daimler AG
Formerly known as the Daimler Chrysler, this German multi-national automotive company bested the competition in terms of truck units produced. They are following closely to Isuzu from 2005 to 2007 in terms of truck production. Daimler is the company responsible for producing quality cars and trucks for the brands like Mercedes-Benz, Sterling Trucks, Western Star, Freighliner Trucks, Unimog, and Mitsubishi Fuso.

Volvo Group
Volvo group has been one of the leading truck manufacturers in the world for the past decade. This Swedish manufacturer is globally famous for their medium-sized trucks for local transportation and cargo hauling, heavy duty trucks for long distance hauling as well as construction work segment. Apart from Volvo Trucks, the Volvo Group also holds Mack Trucks, UD Trucks, and Renault Trucks.

Dongfeng Motor
This China-based car and truck manufacturer has spread its popularity and dominance not only in China but also in major countries in East and South-east Asia regions. They are also expanding their activities to UK, Paraguay, and Ireland. Apart from their own vehicular brand, they are also known for their joint ventures with popular manufacturers such as Kia, Honda, and Nissan.

Top 3 Best Truck Brands in the World

When it comes to the title of being the "best" brand in the truck industry, there will be an unending debate since all truck drivers and consumers have their own preferences. However, there are certain truck brands that are globally popular since they can provide various trucks for different purposes and applications.

Mercedes-Benz is the most popular not only for their topnotch trucks, but also for their capability to supply all types of trucks for almost all sorts of applications. From medium-sized to large trucks to heavy duty trucks, you can find a specific truck model in this brand.
Another good thing about it is that it has a spacious and cozy environment inside the compartment and cabin area which is ideal to truck drivers who are bound to long distance hauling. On top of these, the interior and exterior of their trucks are indeed awesome and jaw-dropping.

Isuzu is famed to be one of the most popular truck brands during the year 2000 to 2007. They are recognized as the largest truck manufacturer on 2005, beating the Daimler, Volvo, and Volkswagen groups. Their light to medium-sized trucks are very apparent in local cargo distribution while their heavy duty trucks are commonly seen in national highways since they are popular for long-distance or inter-state hauling. Their trucks are also affordable compared to other leading truck brands. With regards to their maneuverability and functionality, truck drivers have nothing to complain with it.

Volvo trucks are also very common in the streets of the USA, Australia, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Europe. The range of their trucks suits the everyday business functions and applications such as for emergency purposes, construction works, waste management, fire emergencies, and of course, cargo hauling. Volvo trucks' reliability makes them very popular to consumers worldwide that's why the company has put up production facilities to key areas around the globe to meet the demands. The Volvo Group also holds Nissan diesel trucks, Mack trucks, and Renault trucks.

Types of Heavy Vehicles in India and their manufacturers

Trucks in India are the major commercial vehicles pertaining to transportation of goods. Trucks in India fall under the heavy vehicle segment and are considered the life-line of all the major trade and commerce activities. Trucks are generally used for the purpose of transporting materials and goods in huge volumes. They are considered very important for the growth and smooth flow of commercial activities.
The different categories of trucks in India are Haulage trucks, Tipper trucks, Rigid trucks, Cab trucks, Trailer trucks, and Delivery Vans.
Major manufacturers of trucks in India are Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Hindustan Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra.

The reason behind the success of India truck industry is the added advantages of road transport over the railways. Trucks can accept goods in small quantities, can reach rural and hill areas, and also require less time than the rail for loading and unloading of goods. As a result, India truck industry cemented its place in goods transportation. With passage of time, truck industry in India has involved a good number of Indian automobile giants including Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra, Force Motors, Swaraj Mazda, Eicher etc.

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