Exciting life of a Trucker

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Exciting life of a trucker
In the age of digitisation where profession for the majority of the populace means spending long hours sitting infront of their computer screens, trucking seems to be a new and exciting profession. It's more like a lifestyle than a job, an amazing career option for those who are keen on traveling different places and are adventuresome. It doesn't require higher degrees but you need to have good driving skills. Working with odd hours, driving at night and living far away from family for weeks make the life of a trucker very challenging but is equally exciting.
Life becomes dull when we endure a monotonous routine day after day. Imagine, waking up everyday to the sound of your alarm, getting ready for work, spending long hours at your workplace and following a set pattern virtually everyday. Boredom sets in when you lead a life like this. But trucking offers you a different routine from rest of the population. Truckers get to visit different places, meet new people, try out a lot of different cuisines and what not? Their profession offers a way out of ennui. It is so much fun to explore new places. Witnessing the beauty and ambiance of these places provides you with tranquility and helps you to relax your body, mind and spirit.

Cabin of a truck driver is very comfortable, and they carry their bedding, gods, foods, in short every thing with them. In most of the trucks, there used to be a cleaner. His job is to keep truck clean and in turn, truck driver will teach him driving so that one day he can be a truck driver. This teaching lessons and  on the road training,  is first step for many before becoming a truck driver. When they have to follow some tight schedule, they travel with two drivers so that they can drive in turn.

In India, traveling in a truck is another mode of public transportation, and it is surprisingly used by considerable population. This creates a additional source of income which is shared by truck staff. In the night, many trucks take halt in a dhaba. This dhabas provide truck driver food, rest and entertainment.

Life of a trucker in his mini house
When working for carrying quarry materials, they are  a teeny bit relaxed as these are mostly transferred over short distances. They can stay at home or at the construction sites whichever is nearer. The ones who carry heavy vehicles like cars, bikes or other non-perishable items over very long distances carry a good load of cash for toll fees, daily expenses and other sundry stuffs. Not all, but few long distance truckers take services of prostitutes en-route since they stay long away from home. Many truckers have favorite food joints along the route, and they deliberately stop there even if they aren't hungry. When carrying perishable items like fish, fruits, etc. they are given target hours. If they reach destination before that, they are paid a bonus by the hour. This is a reason they over-speed, drive rashly at night and sometimes even during day time. While night time driving, many take to smoking. They use the burning point of beedis(country cigarettes made out of tobacco leaf) or cigarettes to touch their thigh flesh, to stay awake and alert. Some even put a brick on accelerator and drive with both legs on the seat.


Truckers-Perfect Guide
If you are in trouble in some unknown place of India, contact to a truck driver. They have pretty good contacts and they can arrange your travel to your home town/ safety. Truck driver will always helps you, because this is the only way we can keep conditions of roads humane.

Difficulties in the life of a trucker
Stress is very high for a truck driver because of heavy traffic, long hours, low pay, increasingly difficult regulations, unrealistic delivery schedules, and a lack of respectability for the profession in general. We know how difficult it is to do the job and how necessary it is for the country to exist and how most people have little or no respect for them or for what they do. To most people (or drivers) truck drivers are nuisance or a moving obstacle if not a hazard.
Lack of proper maintainance of trucks is a great factor for which truckers often suffer. Improper sanitation and hygiene which should be taken care by Highway Authority of India. There is no provision for stopovers or restrooms along the highways other than the ones provided by the dhabas. Truck drivers are not updated information which often leads to unwanted suffering and delays caused due to harsh weather conditions and ill planning. Unregulated and low income given to them is very problematic, since it is a very demanding job and so compensation what they get is never enough. Poor road condition and path holes make their life miserable.
Many a times a truck driver has to work with odd hours for delivery reasons. You may need to travel in the night and take routes that will help you reach the destination on time. People who love to travel will enjoy this type of job, but there are jobs available for those who would like to be home every night. You can opt to be a local driver or a long distance or a region driver. A person who does not like to work in the normal timings of 9 to 5 can enjoy working as a truck driver. However, you should be ready to put in any number of hours each day - you'll often never know from one day to the next how tight your schedule might be.

The bottom line is you have to be ambitious and adventurous to really thrive in trucking, even if you plan on being home every night. Adventure doesn't necessarily mean running coast to coast. To really get the most out of life on the road you have to approach every moment as a new challenge, part of a great adventure, and really try to live it to the fullest.
Some people thrive in a safe, simple environment. Others prefer an endless stream of challenges and adventures. Trucking isn't for the faint of heart nor those seeking shelter from risk and sacrifice. Trucking will give you an opportunity if you would like to take a shot. Just make sure you know what you're getting into and be careful what you wish for.

-Amartya Aishwarya

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