Bangalore - Industrial Development Post Independence

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Bangalore is now one of the fastest growing city of India, better known as Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore has been described as "a gateway to new global frontiers" and "a harbinger of a new global labour force that works in cyberspace and that, like much of the world's financial markets, operates beyond the reach of governments"

industrial development in bangalore

 History of Industrial Development in Bangalore

 The city, by virtue of it location in deccan platue at an average elevation of 920m brings a pleasant climate around the year. Going back to history of industrial development in Bangalore, HMT, BEL HAL, and ITI were established by the Govt. of India in 1950's and 60's because of the dust free environment of Bangalore within the vicinity of IISC (Indian Institute of Science(, a premier institution of India in the science and Technology). These initiative brought a highly talented workforce in Bangalore. Later ISRO, Govt owned Space Research organization opened its center in Bangalore. These imitative made Bangalore, a hub of electronic industries and also brought a pool of several other medium and small manufacturers in Bangalore. Titan Industries the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world, opened its factory in the heart of city in 1988.

The indian software industry get noticed but also did Bangalore as a location when Texas Instrument opened its R&D center in Bangalore. Hewlett-Packered followed the path in 1988. The primary aim in coming to India was to establish a base in the Asia/Pacific region. "India was selected because of its strong educational system in theoretical sciences and engineering". And soon more and more came to Bangalore making the city as "Silicon Valley of India". Today, bangalore contributes most of the IT export from India (50$ billion expected in 2008-2009).

The Govt. policies contributed towards development of industries in Bangalore. Karnataka Govt. in late 80's created the Electronic City, 18Km from Bangalore, for the software and electronic industries. Several Technology parks were created in the last decade to host hundreds of companies. Most sought after parks are ITPL, Prestige Technology Parks, Prestige Blue Chip Software Park and the Cessna Business Park and cyber park. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) also under construction in Bangalore.

Bangalore is also known as the hub of biotech industries of India with 41% of the total 265 biotech companies in India. Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), initiated by Biotechnology vision group, ICICI and Biocon (located at ITPL) is trying to shape revolutionary scientists in the field.

More than US$ 100 billion economy makes Bangalore a a major economic center in India. It is the fastest growing major metropolis in India with more than 10 economic growth. The city is the third largest hub for high net worth individuals after Mumbai and Delhi.

With the boom of IT industries, the life style of the workforce increased the demand of Hotel industries, FMCG industries, Transport and several other allied industries and their markets. Major investment either FDI or Indian concentrates in bangalore and adjoining areas.
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