When you think of a trucker, the first thing that comes into your mind is driving a huge truck  and exploring different corners of the country through booking a truck for different location. Well, there is more than just driving a truck in the trucker’s day life and it is a special profession that calls for great devotion, hard work and sacrifice. So why would you want to be a trucker?


·         Quick and Handsome Money
When you think of an occupation like logistics, freight forwarding you thinks of easy and quick money. While trucking all day is not easy, it offers good cash and that too quickly. Most of the 
reputed transportation companies such as Goodsonmove.com offer good money to the freight forwarders and truckers to match their efforts. You can earn extra rewards for delivering certain perishable goods such as fruits, fishes before deadline.

·         No Significant Qualification Required

Unlike most other jobs where you can raise good money, you need to be a well qualified individual. A degree from a reputed university with good grades is at least required to qualify for the interview. Trucking is different and if you have that will power and stamina to drive a full load truck each day, you are all set to become a trucker. A trucker’s day life can be hectic but that is what a company pays for. 

     Trucking does not require any Investment

Trucking is zero investment jobs where you do not have to spend any money on setting up a business or go through expansive certifications course. The logistics companies or the transporter  will provide you a truck and you will be paid according to the travelling hours.

Flexibility of Working Hours

Trucking gives you the flexibility to choose you working hours according to your convenience. You can drive during the day or during the night as per your preference. You can easily switch between your working hours anytime according to your comfort. There are only and few jobs that can offer you such flexibility with good pay. On an average logistics companies in Delhi pay at least 18000 INR per month to driver of truck like Trailer.

      Trucking calls for simple task of driving a truck and getting goods from special routes connecting india like Delhi to Bangalore or Ahmadabad to Kolkata . There are no complexities in a trucker’s life unless you know how to drive a truck safely.  
Goods On Move

It is a logistic firm focusing on truck booking with the transportation of freight all over India. We provide our clients a bidding platform which focuses on individual consignments and consignees.

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