India runs on road. For the transportation of people and the transportation of goods from one place to another our country relies majorly on the road transport. 65% of freight traffic in India is accounted in the road transport mainly in the trucking sector. The unorganized logistics sector is all set for the complete makeover with renewed plans and fundraisers. Road transport is largely in hands of private parties, each owing a small fleet of trucks. Unorganized ownership profile has given rise to a number of middlemen influencing on the profitability and the efficiency of this logistic industry. Profit of the truck operators depends upon the operating cost and freight rates. Founder of ,Mr. Ashu Garg stated “Factors that affects the truck transport includes low capacity utilization, vehicle overloading, poor road qualities and the increase in petrol or diesel price. Fluctuating fuel prices and high toll charges increase the running costs of the trucks  for which Indian government should take care of”.

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It is a logistic firm focusing on truck booking with the transportation of freight all over India. We provide our clients a bidding platform which focuses on individual consignments and consignees.

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